March 24, 2012

I Really do Believe that Jesus Drives a Harley

I really do believe that Jesus drives a Harley. What I am stating that he is just a regular person, like you and I. One thing about him he does NOT judge anyone or anything. I wish the rest of the world would see that on an eye to eye level.  However that is not the case. I am going to explain a few things since I live in the South and all, dysfunction at its finest. Shallow minds that sugar-coat and wrap it around religion.

I am sure that Jesus is not a racist. I had to put up with that all my life. My mom says we all bleed red and we are the same no matter what color we are. My dad says that we should stay in the same race and never mix. More-less, we are going to hell if we get out of our circle. As for me, I want to date outside my race, I will do so. I have always stated that ‘bi-racial’ children are the prettiest humans on earth needless to say. If my daughter or son wants to date outside the race, they will have me to back them up if I am still living. If not, I will still be backing them up spiritually if that is the case. Most racist people in the South are the most religious matter of fact. I don’t see how the ‘House of the Holy’ hasn’t fell on their heads as soon as they walk in the doors. Just stating the obvious to be exact, lol!

I am a supporter of gay and lesbian rights that goes for transgendered and bi-sexual as well. The list goes on...We all have some kind of rights and I think that we should live our life the way we want too. Not have religion slammed on our heads because it is immoral, that is bullshit!  I have a lot of best friends that are gay. I love them dearly. When I think my life is shitty, here comes one with open-arms and make me see some kind of light in my darkness. I would date a woman; if it so happen she is an African-American I would still date her too. IDGAF what people in the South thought about it either? I do what I want. Gays and lesbians need more rights I do believe and I know for a fact that Jesus loves them too! That’s how I will roll with that one =)

After all this is said and done, I do believe that Jesus drives a Harley. The maker knows my pain and my struggles here in the South. I can place a bet that I will be riding on the back of that Harley going through those pearly gates. I am NOT afraid of dying and my stress levels right now are so high, I would NOT doubt I will be dead in the next 6 months. However it turns out, I have done my best even-though my head was pinned on the ground for the most part of my life, because I could not breathe like I wanted too and live the way I wanted too. I live in hell and I don’t sugar-coat a damn thing. Maybe I can over-come this maybe I won’t however it lands who-knows, I am pretty sure I will be riding on the back of that Harley one-day, that is promise I can keep and he will be smiling down on me. Death is not a threat, death is a reward. Peace and tranquility at its finest =)riding on the back of a Harley will be a major plus.

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