April 11, 2012

The Medical Field

The medical field, man (that) is an understatement that can go into so many directions; however I have had enough of that field too. I like the medical field about as much as I like Arkansas. I am just stating the truth straight from the bottom of my heart. I have been in the medical field since 1992, I am a medical assistant, I can do just about everything a nurse can do except push meds. Yea, I wanted to get my RN license that lasted like a ‘fart’ in the wind after a few years at a hospital. I can do it, but my heart isn’t into it. I have worked in all kinds of areas in the medical field to be honest about it. I will be broken down in a few years; I want to leave this profession ASAP. I am hoping this year. I am tired of the understaffing, I am tired of the mistreatment and having to do a floor by yourself, and slim to none help from the co-workers. Just isn’t cutting it anymore. I have went home several times, 35 patients by yourself and be drug around like a rag-doll by the ones that you are working with, trust me most treat you like sh*t. I know this too well, I will take my ass to the house, I am NOT f**ked up about it either. I have to put up with major sh*t in my own life and then I have to put up with it at work too. Most of this is uncalled for; the hospital can staff the floors however it defeats the purpose when it affects the administration bank accounts and the particular cars they want, the pencil pushers, those are the ones that actually need to get off their ass and do some physical work and see what it is to work understaff and beat your body down to the ground. I have seen nurses collapse in the middle of the floor and I have also seen them got to the ICU and get blood transfusions because their body just worn down. I refuse to go and get a degree and (I hate the job too), no matter what the pay is. I am 38 I have to take care of myself; I just have one body and one life. It’s not worth it! In the medical field you’re just a warm body, if something happens to you, oh well, there is always the next person in line. I have been beat down in a 12 hour shift, barely got off the couch the next day, Icy Hot is my friend now. That is bullsh*t. I refuse to do it. I am very strong-minded and I will NOT let anyone run over me. I stand my ground at work. I bet some dread seeing me come to the floor because I will not put up with their sh*t! It’s a dog eat dog world in the medical field. I know I had my fair share of the chaos, I want a new direction, and I will find that direction I promise that much. The medical field is just not what it’s supposed to be and I have had enough of it to be exact. Time for a new direction in life, I am tired and burnt out 20 yrs. is too long to be honest. I want to do something else for the next 20 yrs.  something that I love doing that sounds so good. Maybe too good to be true, huh?

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