March 1, 2012

A Super Center Nightmare

Just a regular day in a young man’s life, a few weeks before graduation, no one ever thought that it was going to be his last day on earth. He was a very free spirited and roamed the land like any other male around here. The rebel flag is a true statement especially in these neck of the woods, if you understand where I am coming from. When the night fell the darkness appeared and it was night life for the young people. Most hung out at the local Super Center parking lot in a small town that is what you do. This night was like no other; the young man was laughing and carrying on with his peers. That’s what you are supposed to do when you’re young be wild and free. Then around the corner approached another young man with a gun in hand, he went up to the free spirited young man and pull the trigger, out came a bullet went straight into his chest and down he went. His friends were screaming for help as they watch their friend bleeding uncontrollably trying to save him, however he died moments later. The shooter just left, he knew what he was doing, but he had friends in high places, “The Good Ole Boy System” they saved him, the chief of police wrote it off as horse playing. Imagine that……
What I am getting at, a young man’s life was taken away from his mother, father and brother, along with the rest of his family. This was a senseless act and it was taken too far the (reality part) of it. The shooter called the young man earlier that day, he had talked to the father, and he sounded very brutal in his voice as I was told. He had threatened this young man before nothing was done about it. When the cops protect the delinquent individual there’s no hope. So the cops played it out as ‘horse playing’ it was all an accident. That young man did not mean to kill him. I can’t stand the cops around here, they just piss me off. So that right there, a blanket was thrown on the case and it was snug as bug. If people would think it was a Super Center parking lot, there are surveillance cameras everywhere. That is a good question, but there was a time piece cut out of it that was a red flag, the time of the shooting, 10-15 minutes was gone. That should have not been tampered with to be honest about it. Chief of police took that out real quick, just saying. Give me a break, but did they think of the hard-drive? I don’t think so. The ‘Big Boys’ can carry on that matter all in due time. There are some part of the surveillance you cannot touch except for the ‘Big Boys’ there is a reason for that and they are the only ones knows where it’s at, as I been told.

What made me mad there were affidavits upon affidavits of other young people that were trying to help the dead individual out. It did not matter, the police stated it was horse playing by God it was horse playing. The cops around here can kiss my ass, I swear they can. The ones that should be thought of are the ones that grieve over him. The mother, the one that carried him for 9 months and raised him for 18 years and she took care of his boo-boos all that goes with it. I have seen her so many times at the cemetery just lying beside his grave grieving her heart out. That doesn’t count the rest of his family. He might have been a little rowdy, but he was a good kid, no one deserves that not at all, may he rest in peace and justice be done in the future for him.

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