March 24, 2012

The 'Bible-Belt' AKA The South

The “Bible Belt” that about sums it up right there.  Talking about the ‘Sister Bertha’s’ for the ones that don’t grasp the concept behind it. I am talking about the ones that gossip and slander everyone around. The ones that can’t do any wrong, I see humor in these kinds of people. It just shows you how fake they are. I think if you walk into the doors of the holy, someone should hold you up into the light and see if they are real or fake. Just like they do money, which is my opinion though. Church is just not the same as it was years ago. It just grew into filth just like everything else in this world nasty as they come. I am not dissing the churches. I am just stating the ‘truth’ it is not a place to slander and degrade people. Because what they are wearing, what is going on in their lives or how they handle themselves?  This should be a time for stress relief and try to focus on the good in the world. There should be a place just like a ‘safe haven’ even if it’s just for a few hours. However that is hard to justify that meaning with all the meanness going on in this world. I don’t go to church; I have some kind of religion factors in my heart though. That is where I learn, I learn from the hardships of life and I learn a lot every day as I get up, every day lessons baby. I don’t have daily routines; I live in the real world. It’s either heaven or hell when I start my day. I love it when I have a heaven kind of day. I know someone is watching out for me, seriously. The hell kind of days makes my stress tumble down my spine and I know someone is teaching me a lesson that day. It’s schooling at its finest. The hard knock life do I need to say anymore? Religion can be your friend or it can be your foe. It’s all up to you. I don’t go to church because I can feel the nastiness of some people. I do feel the good of some however the bad outweighs the good. I am being straight up honest. All of it will come to an end one day, no more air in your lungs and your heart stops beating. Judgment Day, the day that someone can stand and say I done my best or IDGAF what I did in my lifetime, it’s all up to that individual I do believe. How you live is your life is your heaven or hell. For my part it’s both, never know from one day to the next. That could be a good thing. There is one thing I give it my best and go on with it.  However the cards fall that’s how it falls. Do your best and piss on the rest.

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