March 1, 2012

Two Little Girls Without A Daddy

Can you imagine two little girls going through what they went through watching their dad get shot in front of them? That’s kinda hard to phantom needless to say for me it is. As I have been told, there was a confrontation going on in the middle of the living room, there was a young dad I suppose he was confused at the moment because of the bickering. It was a fight-or-flight, response. He got the hell out of dodge. He jumped from the back door however they met him in the middle. Some went out the front door and some went out the back door. Then a gun went off not once but twice. The second time as I was told he threw his hands up, to protect himself. As all of this was going down, two little girls under three seen this, sad but true. As the story was told he committed suicide in the bedroom and the gun was on the opposite side from where he supposedly shot himself. Like the gun was thrown there. Check this out, the cops were called and they came out. His girlfriend was there the whole time. She decided to take a shower and the cops let her. I thought that was odd and very stupid. But look at the situation the cops are just as stupid as she is, just saying. The cop scene on that was ass backwards like any other murder event in this county. This is stemming off the ‘Good Ole Boy System’ once again, geez does this ever end. However he was wrote off as a suicide, he didn’t shoot himself once he shot himself twice. He was carried through the living room and blood was dripping from him and he was thrown on the bed and gun was thrown on the left side. The forensics of this situation came from a child psychologist that studied these two little girls. By all means it was a suicide as the cops stated what a joke that was. I am calling it as I see it. Two little girl had seen a brutal attack.

Let’s back up on this, the summer before, he died on an Indian summer day to be exact. Lets’ look at June, my family and I were camping out about 2 in the morning we had a knock on the door asking for this young man. First middle and last name, she was frantic like she was on meth, I am not going lie about it. I always thought that was odd, he died 3 months later, you tell me? She went to every camp spot, to be exact. How strange?

Okay, let’s talk about the mother here, she had him at 16 and she was raised up with him for 23 years that was her baby. She also had a daughter; I believe they were 3 years apart. As brother and sister they were best friends. He had numerous people that loved him, his father and grandparents the list goes on. Another blanket snug as a bug on a murder rap, I get so sick of this crap. But there is something that is telling me justice will be served and those girls are in good hands of his mother (the grandmother) and I hope and pray that it stays that way. They don’t need to be around their mom, something tells me that she is bad news. I just have that gut feeling if you know what I mean. On the note, this boy did not have an autopsy like many other cases around here, from death to the grave. I bet there could be many stories to be told on many cases in this county, I grant you that.

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