March 1, 2012

A Stoplight Davastation

I am going to start this at the stoplight, where a young black man had his life taken away by a cop. He was shot 7 times but the cop was insisting that he was coming at him with the car. So therefore let’s shoot him 7 times, that young man was scared to death to be exact. Let me rewind this scenario for a more understanding of the situation. A week before he died, this young black man he was 19 to be exact. I was talking to his cousins, they were telling me which I stated up above a week before he died, he started making amends with people. He was more less in a panic mode, they told me. He said, “The cops are going to kill me.” He was serious about it, I knew from there he was knee deep in the sh*t that was and it’s still going on with the cops and the informants. I think what took ‘my breathe’ away he got baptized because he knew his time was about up. I had to stand back and grasp the concept that stood behind that statement. It totally blew me away. The night that he got in trouble, he was at a local liquor store and the story goes he took a bottle of whiskey, he jump in his car and that’s when all hell broke loose. All the cops were surrounded like in 60 seconds, I thought that was odd. It would not surprise me if someone told him to take the whiskey just to start the race. The dots are not connecting to tell the truth about it. There is big ass lie going on, I am positive about that. Okay at the stoplight where there was witnesses all around. To be exact he did not come at the cop he was trying to dodge the cop. The witnesses stated that, as the story goes it doesn’t matter, the cops are always right. However the cop shot at the car 7 times and the cop busted out the windshield. I had someone to tell me and the way they told me it was like a movie scene, the one that got shot turned into a slow motion visual. The car slowed down and he finally slumped over the wheel of his car finally the car hit the ditch as he died. The witness told me it was very devastating and heart breaking to watch. I was in tears when I was getting more of an understanding of his death. There is something more too it, I have that gut feeling and it’s not going away by any means. My thoughts on it; I was told a female cop done it, I don’t think so. I am female and you have to have good training with firearms to do that. I think she was taking the heat for the male cop. Anyways, he shot the windshield from the bottom worked his way to the middle to the driver’s head. I use to go target practicing and practiced on old cars in junkyards. Someone taught me how to bust out a windshield with a weak gun. The way I take it, cops can’t have high powered guns. I think they have Tasers now. They need those anyway; in a county that is corrupted they need non-violent firearms, seriously. This murder is fishy, No ands ifs or buts about it. You know what? It absolutely pisses me off! Over a bottle of whiskey, I don’t think so. There were witnesses they stated he was not driving towards the cop, he was trying to get away from the situation. Now I hope this one will get reopened back up? Where the right cops, not the crooked cops figure this out, it’s not adding up not by a long shot. I am flabbergasted and distraught over this one.

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