December 14, 2015

Why such ANGER and RAGE Tina? Why are you acting like this?

Oh, you got to love the mentality around here, I swear you do. Maybe because my wreck was covered up from the first phone call. The alcohol, the reckless driving and the speeding in a school zone was left off the police report because they were saving the boys. It was treated as a MINOR accident. (fender bender) I did NOT get the right medical treatment and I am still in pain as of right now. I hired a lawyer on April 6th and the firm was the attorney for the Arkansas State police and Conway County, Arkansas they represent and back them up. I DID NOT know that till later on. This is called conflict of interest. They took my case when they shouldn't have. My property damage they told me to use that to float my bills until I got my settlement in. I have witnesses to back me up on that. They knew about the cover up before the pictures landed in my lap. Before the pictures showed up, they were in the clear and the settlement was almost done they almost got away with it in another words. The pictures showed up on May 28th, they weren't going to use them at first until I raised hell in an email just about all my emails are rough I don't play around. Then they got their heads together, the firm, Arkansas State Police, Conway County and the FBI. They were going to stall this out until any amount looked good to me in another words they were starving me and my mom out on purpose. They were stalling and waiting until I took anything signed it off and the ones that covered this wreck up would be in the clear and they couldn't get in trouble that includes the firm too. I am NOT signing a damn thing until they put the alcohol, the reckless driving and speeding in the school zone on the police report. I have nearly 40 pictures STFU and do what is right like it should have been done in the first place. The pictures tells a story the true story about the wreck. So in the meantime, I have NO car, NO job, NO money. June to October NO contact with the lawyer and I have my emails to prove that. They dropped me because they think they can't be brought into court in the future I think they are wrong. My civil rights have been smashed into the ground and I can't voice my opinion in Arkansas my rights are gone like I don't have any. I have rights, to agree or disagree with the police report or anything that doesn't add up and the report is false it should and will be fixed. The Firm told me that it's NOT a legal document and can't be brought into court. Lawyers and judges are paid OFF in Arkansas. I have had NO support here except for my mother and my kids. That's it. I am being starved out and this wreck was not my fault at all. Basically I believe, I got hit by a drunk driver and the Arkansas state police covered it up. The attorney that I hired was backing the bad guys and protecting the boys that's why the pictures will be hard to summit it court. I need a high profile lawyer outside of Arkansas that CAN NOT be bought off. I hope I see some disbarment in the future because they thought I was stupid I suppose. I am an intelligent woman, end of story. I have every right to have anger and rage like I do and feel these emotions. I am pissed off about this, being done wrong changes you. Me and my mother have been done wrong so wrong. I have family sticking knives in my back. Oh so nice to my face but a different story when I ain't around. I am in a bad bind in life and my credit is so ruined and my life is so ruined. So I am on a crusade and get justice and make sure the bad guys will get exposed names and faces on TV. I am trying to get on the Dr. Phil show too. I know in my heart and soul that is where it is at and Dr. Phil can help me and my mom. Dr. Phil is my hero. I am hell bent for that show that is part of my calling in life by God. I know what to do, I just need Dr. Phil's help to sit down with me and my mom and we can go from there. This is going to turn out to be a BIG thing down the road for others here in Conway County, Arkansas. God knows what he is doing trust me. I need him to help me with my anger and rage at the moment I have high amounts sometimes it scares me. I got suckered in by commercials. These lawyers lie like dogs. I don't want another person go through what I have been through this is pure hell and torture. I will go up against these people like a boss and not budge. They screwed over the WRONG one. Now do you understand why I am mad now? I have LOST everything in life because of some punk ass kids. They mattered and I didn't. Yes, I have every right to feel anger and rage like I do. I have been screwed over royally. There hasn't been nothing fair about this at all.                

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I believe someone was trying to hack into it. Yesterday was 6 weeks that I have uploaded my 1st video. I did my YouTube so high profile people can see it and view it. I am amazed by the hits and I am amazed by the subscribers. I was NOT expecting that at all. My videos, I wanted people to see me. I am real and this is a real story and I need real help for me and my mother. This is a serious matter and it can't be swept under the rug like it didn't happen. Protecting the boys and crooked cops and throw me in the ditch to die. I don't think so.

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