December 1, 2015

The Struggle is REAL dealing with anger issues...

I am having a BAD week. When everything comes together and you see the wrong-doing by so many. It gets the BEST of you trust me!

I deal with headaches and numbness. I did NOT get proper treatment and now I am paying for it dearly. When this is treated as a tap and go (fender bender) it makes me mad when I think about it. I got hit at a high rate of speed. If I was 30 seconds faster, he would have hit my door. I would have died on impact because of the speed. Sometimes I wish I could go back and be 30 seconds faster because I would be dead right now and NOT worrying about getting this out on a national level and reaching out to people such as Dr. Phil and Al Sharpton the list goes on. My anger issues are off the charts right now. I am a mad motherfucker. I would have been better off to die in the wreck to be honest. May 28th 2015 when I got those texts aka the pictures my life changed. The pictures could NOT surface in the courtroom everyone was running scared at that VERY moment trying to cover it up make it all go away once again. It's been a battle ever since and it is still a battle. My life is completely ruined. There's nothing left of me.

Then I am watching TV and I have to see these assholes on commercials. People of Arkansas need to know about this. They are shysters and they don't need to lie on TV. This is what you call under handing at its finest for the scumbags. They are scammers. I have been scammed once again since publishing my book. If they done this to ME. How many have they done this to? How many will they continue to do this to? That is the millionaire question. This is serious NOT a joke and it needs to be brought to everyone's attention. They might have it looking good on paper but I have all the emails to beg the differ. I told them about my book in the beginning and this was revenge on my part of it. They did NOT listen because they already knew what was up. That is sad needless to say. These shysters don't need to be in business. I got suckered in on these commercials, thought I got the best. This is false advertisement and the Arkansas people should know about this. Ego's and the untouchable attitudes they need to be kicked off their high-horse be brought down a notch or two.

I will be glad when I get to New England so I don't have to look at these people some of the people that I know really makes me sick to my stomach. I rather move and NOT look at them. My life is ruined and I need to live alone for a very long time to get over this traumatic episode. I don't think I am going to get over it to be honest. I need New England and New England needs me.

National Television

Someone from social media reached out and brought some things to my attention. Okay, I need a panel of guests. Someone from the firm, someone from the Arkansas State Police, someone from Conway County, Arkansas there's a few more too that should be on the panel. No one is going to show up but the honest ones. Because the liars will get caught in lies and so forth. Lie detector tests will be administrated. The bad guys will NOT get on national television they can't lie and they will be doomed from the start. They can't lie out of the pictures. The pictures tells the story from the start the true story not the police report. This is scandal at its finest. What would be nice is to see you and your mother on a show because the bad guys will NOT take part in it they will deny the request. That will look good for both of you and your mother. They are liars and when they get on national television whoever is the main person doing the show will call them out so bad they can't lie out of it. This story is made for TV it should unfold on TV for the world to see. Just have you and your mom on the show will be awesome and it will show the world who came and who backed out. Liars are not going to show their faces in front of the world. However you and your mother could have a private interview would be a great start and who knows what will come out of it. They made a great point needless to say.

Living with Anger Issues and Depression is a
BITCH! 12-4-15

1) There's NO way you can do a sobriety test or blood work now. That's plain to see.
I refuse to staple the pictures on the back of the police report. Just let it sit there, I think NOT! I have nearly 40 pictures and that is CONCRETE EVIDENCE put the alcohol on the damn police report like it should have been done in the 1st place end of story. This is sooooooooooo obvious to see. You can't miss it.

2) I don't care about the boys records. Make the wreck right and add the alcohol, add the reckless driving and speeding in the school zone. The 'boys' need to the learn a lesson. They could kill someone next time. The mentality of the parents just sickens me. Teach your kids a lesson damn it. To all the parents that help their kids to have the alcohol removed from the police report may you all burn in hell for eternity.

3) 'The Firm' I loathe them so bad because they knew before hand. Me and my mother's first meeting was mind blowing. He did NOT want to talk about the alcohol at all. He was going by the police report end of story. That was before the pictures showed up. When the pictures showed up he was NOT adding it just have them stapled behind the police report. He did NOT want to talk about the alcohol. The firm knew from day one. I see commercials on TV, that's how I got suckered in. I want the Arkansas people to know about this. They are scammers with BIG ego's and untouchable attitudes we can't be brought down state of mind above the law bullshit we can't be touched. That makes me sick at my stomach. Shysters and liars. They need to be exposed!!!  35% I was going to pay them and they were screwing me over from day one. I wonder how many more they have screwed over and continue to screw over. That is sad to think about.

4) The anger and depression is unbearable right now because what I have witnessed and what I have to live with every day of my life. My life is ruined. My credit is horrible and I can't have anything in my name. I am getting to the point I don't want to live any more because what these scumbags have done to me. I have to relive this every day in my mind and it's getting tiring on my part I am sick of it. I hope that help comes to me and my mother soon we need it. I am barley hanging on by a thread. I will die of a heart attack or stroke or just die in my sleep because of the depression that I have to live with. I will be better off dead than alive to be honest. No more worries for me. Anger and depression is hard to live with and I don't know how much more I can take.

You know what would make great TV, especially on Dr. Phil......

1) All the boys

2) All the parents of the boys

3) Someone from The Firm

3) Someone from the Arkansas State Police

4) Someone from Conway County, Arkansas

5) Someone from the FBI

6) The semi driver that took all the pictures     EVERYONE ON STAGE!!!

1 through 5 should look at me and see how distraught I am especially my ANGER. They need to look at my mom as well she's exhausted.  I have something going on with my right side can't forget that. This was all because of ALCOHOL not being on the police report. The ALCOHOL was dismissed because of favors and whoever was involved in this should be punished to the MAX. This all started from a phone call, please get me out of this mess ASAP. These people should look at me on a national level because of all the damage that they have caused me. They need to see me and feel ever bit of my emotions what I have to live with every day of my life.

6, I have NO problems with because without him I would have NEVER have gotten the pictures. I thank him with my whole heart for his kindness and gratitude.

I will PRAY extremely hard for this to happen. I will talk to God and have him to bring this into my life. This story should be told world wide and there should be a law stated IN as well. When alcohol is present at a wreck scene it can't be dismissed. The police will have to add it to the police report and take sobriety tests to make sure no one was drinking and driving to have final proof. That goes for the passengers as well. I will Pray for me and my mother.

My YouTube

I believe someone was trying to hack into it. Yesterday was 6 weeks that I have uploaded my 1st video. I did my YouTube so high profile people can see it and view it. I am amazed by the hits and I am amazed by the subscribers. I was NOT expecting that at all. My videos, I wanted people to see me. I am real and this is a real story and I need real help for me and my mother. This is a serious matter and it can't be swept under the rug like it didn't happen. Protecting the boys and crooked cops and throw me in the ditch to die. I don't think so.

My channel link (below)

Feedback from cops & lawyers around the world!

"Soon as the cops arrived they need to make sure everyone was okay that's protocol. When the cops seen the alcohol and they could smell it. Everyone should have taken a sobriety test, driver's and passengers to make sure. Sometimes alcohol is placed in the vehicle not touched but alcohol in possession should be on the police report regardless especially to minors."

"It's illegal to NOT report the alcohol. The cops should be fired for not doing their jobs right especially doing it for favors they don't need to be in law enforcement. This was a set up and a cover up it is plain to see in your YouTube videos."

"It's very illegal not to report the alcohol, that is not doing their jobs right. Us good cops are becoming extinct that's sad to say."

"If The Firm took part in this and helped the other side and not you. This should be brought to attention to everyone and they need to be disbarred so they can't do this to another person another victim ever again."

"This is what you call the 'good ole boy system" they live in the past not the present. When you live in the world of cell phones. Everyone should' walk the line' be cautious because you never know who is taking pictures or recording you. Times have changed."

"This is scandal and corruption and this should unfold world wide and let us see the monsters behind the cover up."

"Sounds like The Firm should be disbarred. Under handing is a no-no. I have took down a firm that had about 50 years experience all because of under handing. It felt good, I know that they will not do anyone else wrong ever again."

"Alcohol, the reckless driving and speeding in a school zone should have been on the police report the state police must have gotten their law license out of a cracker jack box."

"If you have nerve damage, you did not get the right treatment to begin with. May you OWN The Firm they don't need to be in business to begin with."

"The day that you presented those pictures was the day that The Firm should have made things right with the police report and fight for you not against you. They don't need to be in business sounds like to me."

"If phone calls and favors were done for the boys so they can have a clean record. Alcohol is a big deal, if they were drinking or not. You are a victim Tina, and your civil rights and everything were smashed like you didn't have any. Your life was ruined to save the boys. I think 'public shaming' should be brought on a national level and let us all KNOW who done it and make sure it doesn't happen again."

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