December 13, 2015

SCUMBAGS that ruined 2015 for me and my mother

"NOTE: I have NOT signed anything on my personal. My property damage is another story. The Firm screwed me over on that one. I will NOT sign anything until I get a high profile lawyer outside of Arkansas. All lawyers and judges here are PAID OFF  in the state of Arkansas. Some are scared, houses being burnt and vehicles being destroyed can't forget the family too. Still NO car, NO job, NO money for ME. The wreck happened 3-24-2015. I live with pain everyday because I did NOT get the right treatment from the start. I wanted to NOTE this, the struggle is real in Arkansas right now and this was NOT my fault at all. I will fight this until I die or hell freezes over. All because I wanted the alcohol, reckless driving, speeding in a school zone added to the police report this is what it's all about. That should have been placed the day of the wreck end of story there's NOT an excuse for it. This wreck was covered up from the first phone call by distraught parents that didn't want their sons have anything on their records. ALCOHOL is a BIG DEAL. This is a MAJOR cover up the firm I hired was protecting them not representing me at all but screwing me over big time. I got the goods in my hand and I need the right lawyer and Dr. Phil's help."

I was asked why the speed wasn't placed on the police report. I told them they were making out like this was a fender bender. It was a high rate of speed there's NO way to lie out of it the pictures tell the story. When you can go airborne and flip upside down that is going pretty damn fast. It was heard through the grapevine that the boys had been drinking all day. All were minors too, who bought the beer? To go past a stop sign like that, 1) you are drinking 2) you are on drugs 3) all up above. If I would have got hit on my side. I would have died instantly, I would have been been hanging out the passenger door. Bleeding out that's how fast he was going. This is a serious matter. Everything gets covered up here in Conway County Arkansas has been like that since the 50's. The Firm, there's no telling how many people they have abused over the years. That's sad. I would love to know who bought the beer tho. It was cold too I was told. There's people in the US can't be bought off everyone is paid off in Arkansas. I just need the right people to investigate this. What the Firm was doing, let me note this, they were getting 35%. They were starving me and my mother out until that 6 grand looked good I would forget about the cover up. I think NOT I'm not signing anything until I see the alcohol, reckless driving and speeding in a school zone added to the police report like it should have been done in the first place. Alcohol is serious nothing to joke about. They are used to getting away with stuff here because their mentality is still in the 50's we are untouchable we can't be brought down by anyone. This county is nothing but a cover up with deceit and lies. I hope that Conway County Arkansas skeletons come tumbling out soon. No one cared about me or my mother so we don't care what goes down. I'm pretty sure whoever gets in trouble deserves it. Karma will be like boom bitches. Under handing can't go on forever, there will be a day and time when the shit goes down. What's been done in the dark will be brought to light. There will be a note left behind, sincerely Karma.

Some of these people are 'true' scumbags. I believe this is God's work. He is using me to seek justice in all kinds of places. I believe that whole heartily. 

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I believe someone was trying to hack into it. Yesterday was 6 weeks that I have uploaded my 1st video. I did my YouTube so high profile people can see it and view it. I am amazed by the hits and I am amazed by the subscribers. I was NOT expecting that at all. My videos, I wanted people to see me. I am real and this is a real story and I need real help for me and my mother. This is a serious matter and it can't be swept under the rug like it didn't happen. Protecting the boys and crooked cops and throw me in the ditch to die. I don't think so.

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