December 9, 2015

Dear Conway County, Arkansas

Dear Parents,

So you guys think it is CUTE to play God and help out your children when they made a poor choice in life and NOT make them learn from it. So getting the alcohol, the reckless driving and speeding in a school zone off the their records is going to make things right again. Have you ever thought about the victim? Have you have ever thought about that? I can tell you guys right now you haven't. You guys absolutely make me sick to my stomach. I could have DIED and the ALCOHOL would have NEVER surfaced. That makes me want to punch you in the face and say wake the hell up do what is right. This is wrong on so many levels and I have paid a price dearly paid for it and so has my mother. This is a serious matter. I would have NOT helped my children. They would learn from it because I would have thought about the victim end of story. A lot of people are speaking up on this that live in the county. They told me I would be surprised how many accidents have been involved with alcohol and it disappeared over a simple phone call. I was told I couldn't count it on my fingers and toes. They have a system in Conway County, Arkansas. If they want something NOT to be put on the police report it doesn't get placed on there. That makes me want to vomit. Just by a call. Dear parents, karma is going to creep up behind you and she is NOT going to be nice when she does.

Dear Cops and The Firm,

So a distraught call from a parent gives you a right do whatever you want to when it comes to filling out a police report? You can put this on the police report and put that on the police report it's OKAY to falsify it in the process? Who died and made you guys God? So NOT doing the right thing is against the law? So how much money you guys make filling out a false police reports? You guys gotta make some money from that somewhere down the line. Don't blow smoke up my ass either! Crooked cops absolutely makes me sick to my stomach. I thought you guys were to 'serve and protect' not 'lie and cheat' by pay offs. Alcohol all over a wreck scene and you could smell it, it's up to the cops to add it or not. I was born a day but NOT yesterday. There is a SPECIAL kind of stupid runs in Conway County, Arkansas or Arkansas period. Dear crooked cops, karma is going to creep up behind you and she is NOT going to be nice when she does. To the cops, what if this happened to your family and you knew alcohol was involved but it wasn't put on the police report it just disappeared. What if someone died, how would you feel about it then? Here you have tons of pictures prove differently but it doesn't add up to the police report. Think about it..... wear my shoes for a bit and your way of thinking would change real fast. Leaving the alcohol off the police report is a serious matter and it should be brought to everyone's attention. This is NOT a joking matter. Cops can't do their jobs, cops shouldn't be cops.

The firm the dear sweet firm the lying cheating bastards that you are. Your commercials make me sick to my stomach lying to Arkansas people like you do. You guys know how I feel already. May guys rot in hell with Hitler. Dear firm, karma is going to creep up behind you and she is NOT going to be nice when she does.

Dear Dr. Phil and the producers,

Me and mom knows that you guys are looking at my horrible situation and we know that it will take time because this will NOT be a walk in the park. It's NOT going to be easy at all. Me and my mom are praying to sit down with you all and explain our story. This is a total nightmare and this is a mind blowing story. We have a shocking story to tell the world. This would NOT be happening if people told the TRUTH in the first place. If everyone would have done their jobs right in the beginning but they didn't. Me and my mother have been lied too since 3-24-2015 till now 12.9-2015. Lies nothing but lies have been told to us. We just need someone to sit down with both of us give US a chance for once. We will continue to pray about it and you will hopefully do this story for us.
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I believe someone was trying to hack into it. Yesterday was 6 weeks that I have uploaded my 1st video. I did my YouTube so high profile people can see it and view it. I am amazed by the hits and I am amazed by the subscribers. I was NOT expecting that at all. My videos, I wanted people to see me. I am real and this is a real story and I need real help for me and my mother. This is a serious matter and it can't be swept under the rug like it didn't happen. Protecting the boys and crooked cops and throw me in the ditch to die. I don't think so.

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