May 21, 2012

The Island =)

To me I think the Criminal Justice System is for the criminals and that is the God honest truth. Some of my friends and I were talking here while back. It was brought to my attention and some of them had pretty good ideas. All these islands that are empty and they are just there, we should put them in good use. The CJS should step in and buy these islands and put criminals there. The technology is off the charts shear amazement to be honest. The working citizens that pay (taxes) make sure the criminals are taken care of is a bunch of bullshit! Buy these islands and set it up with GPS, the technology is out there and the CJS should use it. So many yards from the water fence it off and put sharks in there, killer sharks to be exact. Big Brother (the eye in the sky) put devices on the criminals like ankle bracelets or insert a tracker on their body somewhere. CJS should use the Charles Darwin theory, “Survival of the fittest” in my terms ‘get tough or die’ we baby these people and that is so wrong. Put them on an island, let them build their own place to live and let them survive the old fashion way. Live off the land! Once a week fly planes over and drop food for them and make them fix their own damn meals. This goes from the killers to the dope cooks to the crooked cops. They did not have any problems fkken up other people lives and destroying it. Why should we baby people that break the rules? No wonder they want to stay in jail, hell they have it made in there. That’s some straight up bullshit right there. They need to make it hard on them than being easy. It’s a damn shame that the justice system is the way it is. The Criminal Justice System is ass-backwards and that is a damn shame, got to love living in the United States of America. I know a few in this county stays just a short-time in jail, then they are out and destroying lives again. They should really stay in there for 20 years to life, if you ask me. It is what it is in the United States. I know back in the day, I was a bad-girl and lived on the wrong-side of the tracks. I should have had my ass dropped on an island all by myself for about 3 years with NO planes to fly over with food, just saying.That would have done me justice in a serious way.

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