June 5, 2012

Happy Birthday to MY Son

My son turns 15 today. OMG ~ the time has gone by so fast. He was born prematurely however you can’t tell that now, not by a long-shot. He had to stay at the Arkansas Children’s Hospital for a few days. He was born a ‘little’ runt and now is he is nearly 6’2 and 200 pounds. I know one thing he is a fine young man. He is smart and has a sense of humor and he is so freaking hilarious. If you’re having a bad day, he will snap you out of it that is a promise. I am so proud of him. Just like his sister they haven't had that life with a silver spoon in their mouth. I think that is a good thing. His intelligence is off the chart and it’s astonishing needless to say. To me, my son is like a ‘Big Ole Teddy Bear’ he is so lovable. Like I have been telling his sister I have been telling him too. They both can break the cycle and not take the same steps as me and their dad did. I really don’t want him to be like his dad anyways. His dad has financial problems hell of a lot worse than mine plus other things are going on with him too. That worries me. My son is smart and he is told that all the time. I push him and his sister they can do so much better than their parents. I got stuck in a cycle of hell however they will not be stuck in the bullshit cycle that I am in now. I will go up and beyond for my kids even if I have to stop my dreams, to make sure they are guided in the right direction. I want them up and out of here. This county is a ‘black hole’ when you get stuck in the cycle of lost dreams, it’s so hard to get out and overcome it. I know all about it. Both of my kids have their head on their shoulders and I am extremely grateful and thankful for that, seriously. I am blessed to have a good son like I do. He is respectful and obedient that right there is hard to find in kids today. I think a hard life makes a good future, that’s how I feel anyways. With a little guidance my son will do just fine. I love both of my kids so much. If there is a will there is a way that is how I see it at the moment. In today’s time guidance is what kids need and lots of it. I live right in ‘meth’ alley, hell and high-water I will make sure they are NOT around that crap by all means. I love my son, brutal honesty goes a long way when you talk to your kids, I don’t sugar-coat anything. When you talk to your kids tell the truth and how life really is they will respect you in the long-run. Shhhhh will not cut it me. IDGAF if I live in the South. I am blunt and straight-forward and I don’t think I will be changing anytime soon. Both of my kids, ROCK! I love them so much!

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