June 10, 2012

An Activist/Advocate

An activist role is a hard job when you are trying to get the word out about the filth and corruption of a small town. I have had some to tell me that I am hitting a nerve with some people and the law enforcement in this county. I told them you don’t know what hitting a nerve is until you talk to family and friends of the murdered victims because of the fowl cover-ups and malice. Talking about hitting a nerve with me needless to say! Then I have people to thank me for being the voice for the dead. That right there means a lot to me it really does. I don’t give a f*ck what they said about me, to the ones that I am hitting a nerve with. They didn’t give a f*ck about me and my feelings, nor my emotions. When they came down hard on me with stalking, slandering and bullying! They did not care that my nerves were so bad that I was breaking out in hives and my hair was falling out by the hand full. I just couldn’t take it anymore I had to sell everything I own, to move out the county because I did not obey the ‘good ole boy system’ these mother*ckers tell me I have hit a nerve with them. Plus when I got to Little Rock it was so hard on me but I done the best I could and went on about my business. Then my world came tumbling down and I had to move back in 2010. Then from May 2010 to September 2010 it was so hard living where I was living because of the slander, stalking and bullying from these so called fktards. Then I had a bright idea came over me, the internet baby let’s get the word out and that is what I did! I don’t regret one minute of it. All I ever wanted was a normal life however that was not how life unfolded for me. I should have gotten my ass out of Arkansas in 1993. I had a chance but let it pass me by, what a mistake that was. So therefore I have been stuck in an abyss for nearly 20 years. I have been through it and I am one tough woman. I should have cut ties with certain individuals’ long time ago. However I didn’t. Being drug through hell over and over again, it’s starting to shape me into a hardcore activist and I love every minute of it. However I am getting over my pain. I love writing it's helping me out. However I will not quit blogging nor writing books. If that is going to help me out mentally and spiritually, so be it. I will continue doing so and living my life the way I want too, not how others want me to perceive it, just saying.

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