July 1, 2012

Dear Baby Daddy

Our children are almost grown hopefully they will be on their own someday, fingers and toes crossed. I thought I would do this particular blog for a particular reason I must have to say. Now do you really, truly, positively want our children to grow up like us? Hmmmm, hell to the NO not on my part! I think looking back over the years, what the f**K was I thinking when I got hooked up with you? But, I have to thank you for giving me the two most precious people in this world though. Our daughter and our son are the most well behaved kids and thoughtful, I can’t forget courteous. I think how in the hell did these kids come out the way they came out with the life they have had to live. It is shear amazement; I tilt, shake, and scratch my head on a daily basis because these kids ROCK! Now why would you want to control them and keep them from doing what they need to do in this world to survive? How about helping them spread their wings and fly for a better way of living in this world. I was controlled for most of my life damn near all of it. I got rid of that problem last year and I don’t regret it one bit. My life is getting better imagine that. Now keeping the kids from experiencing things is totally wrong on your part. I give my kids freedom when they are with me. I just tell them DO NOT become like me or your dad you guys will do fine. I want them to do so much better than us. I get excited of the thought they would achieve high greatness of the situation that they are coming out of, these kids are grown and not babies anymore. What I think you should do (baby daddy) you need to pull your head out your ass and make sure these kids get a college degree and make something of themselves and NOT be like us. I am getting out of this bullshit abyss that I am in, since 1990, well really 1988 to be exact. I know where you will be at. When your parents die off, you will be set for life. I guess waiting until death is your thing but for me I am off and running after our son graduates. It’s NEVER too late to achieve high greatness that is what I will do. You need to give this a thought and quit over controlling these kids like you do. Freedom is the key word for the adult children that we have and they will be grown soon. Time does NOT stand still. Living in the South has nearly driven me nuts, but the East Coast is around the corner for me, thank goodness!

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