July 1, 2012

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade =)

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. I love that quote, because it relates to my life so much. I have had more than 20 years of lemons. One mistake after another right along with controlling issues in my life, I guess I was the one of the fortune ones (insert sarcasm). However through my life path that my cards have choosen for me, I have learned so many things and most were WTF moments to be exact. I learned NOT to do it again. So I thought that I would do a series of books. My plans are 3 but who knows, I love writing and letting my feelings flow. I was talking to my editor. She brought something to my attention, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade” my lemonade would be my books. When she told me that, I started to cry and looked at her with astonishment. She nailed that one plus I never thought of it that way. I have a unique tale (very harsh) with the reality of corruption in a small town but I will be brutally honest throughout my writing in my books.

 I had a chance to talk to a lawyer a friend of a friend situation. My friend, she was so intrigue with my blogs. She knew I could not use real names so therefore she wanted to know about my hometown name. I told her where it took place and she looked it up on Google. She was surprised and speechless needless to say. So, she done some digging and what she found out was quite interesting. Her lawyer friend told me what to do and he did not charge me either lol I have pretty much scraped my first notes of my book. I am going about this a different direction and I am going to bring this famous mountain at one time through a song back on the map. I will be bringing it through a book instead of music. Then I talked to my editor and she done a similar book and use the same real places but changed the names. Real names will get you in trouble but I want to draw my readers in by placing actual places where it can be researched and understood by different people around the world. I have a dead-line but I know I will make it. Now I feel somewhat complete and I can shake this book like no other. There has been another book done in this county though. That was back in the day.

 This mountain has history and tons of it and it’s not good for the most part but the other I could say maybe because of this one loving man that I got the chance to know. May he RIP because he lived many, many years and told many, many tales throughout his stay on that mountain. I am going to enjoy this and I can’t wait to get it done. Let the good-times roll in the near future. The truth shall set me free!

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