May 21, 2012

One word (lynching) End of Story!

Can you imagine you are in jail and you are an African-American male, you live in a county full of racism and malice? That kind of behavior has a full life in this county needless to say. What I am getting at, you are laying in your cell-on your bed, minding your own business. Then here comes 2 cops and they yank you up out of the cell and give you a serious ass-whopping. Now does that sound suspicious or what? I know these cops and they do have a serious attitude problem, BTW. I guess it was a day to whoop-ass and let’s get the black guy. That’s how I see it and that is how I am calling it. I think they just had plans to beat him and put him back in the cell. There are ways you can beat someone not leave bruises, that’s kinda scary to think about it. The way it turned out was fatal and the cops needed an alibi and they hung him in the cell. When you see a hanging especially in a police facility in all do in respect, it’s a ‘suicide’ now that kind of behavior runs wild in this county, when all else fails just call it a suicide, SMH. Well its truth. The sheriff will write it off as ‘suicide’ how sad and pathetic is that? Can you imagine the fear in the African-American male eyes when they were approaching him? No wonder they are so hostile in this county. I would be adverse too. I am kinda like that now, to tell you the truth about it. I did not know this man personally however I knew one of his cousins. That is beside the point. This is call police brutality and I don’t like it. These cops will do you in if you let them. I know some don’t like my blog, fk’em that is how I am going to roll with that one. I will not sugarcoat at all that is so NOT me, like I have stated before, “there are only 20% that are good cops, 80% that are pathetic” just stating the obvious. This county really needs a make-over and I have no problems pointing it out. The stuff that goes on is so inhumane and it just makes me sick at my stomach. No wonder ‘Big Brother’ is on the move. They need to get control of that kind of tomfoolery and insanity, damn it man. When I heard this, I was skeptical about it then I did my research, the truth is known if you search it. Come on ‘Big Brother’ and do your thing, this kind of behavior needs to end. I hate racism, I swear I do!

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