May 1, 2012

The Killing Kind

I will prolly get in trouble talking about this man, however I am not putting names out there and places I should be alright. He died not that long ago, however he made a statement in this county. Have you ever heard of a big-time drug-lord? The kind of person that has the money and power to make things happen and make people disappear without a trace he was just that kind of man. The last name alone made some shiver down their spines. As I was growing up I heard all kinds of tales about him. Most were scared of his presence, because he got away with a lot. I never cared for him to be honest about it. He owned a liquor store, back in the day you could actually buy marijuana, kilos of cocaine any kind of drug just pull up to the window. No shit, I know for a fact that went on. Now that is running the game. What stood out was this so-called well. The ‘well’ of doom and catastrophe that is fact to be known in this county, if you want someone dead and get away with it bring them here. I absolutely loathe this county. Hell, supposedly I was to be dropped in the ‘well’ if that was the case; I took care of the situation real quickly. There are some that weren’t scare of him. Like one stated to me, “he might be in his own well of doom” I found humor in that, seriously. Someone that is deviant and out-spoken (like me) gets put in their place and this man was hired to the job. If you didn’t have the money, you would have to sell your soul. When he comes, calling for you to do something, that person had to do it or suffer the consequence. Most likely it would be ‘death’ that’s how he rolled around here. I always consider him as the ‘devil’ and when I was told that he died, this is what I said, and “may he rot in hell.” I am not f’kd up about it. The FEDS wanted that man, however I told one of them, he will be dead soon with cancer and you will not have to worry about him anymore. The look that I got was priceless, then he said, “He was too mean to die” and then I said, “Karma is a bitch” I know what I am talking about. I know a lot of bad very bad people that has died in this county the last few years. Like the story goes, “When you dance you have to pay the fiddler” this county is filthy and malodorous. I just got tired of the stalking, slander and bullying and here I come with my blog and I have no regrets at all. This man here was a POS and there aren’t many that will have the balls to say that. No love lost here. This county has made the ID Channel twice to my knowledge; I know the one about a particular mountain. I would NOT doubt that man had something to do with it; I would not put it past him. This county dwells on evilness and I think it would not be a bad idea, to fly airplanes and drop blessed holy water all over this place. It is totally rank-smelling up this bitch. I am going to keep it 100, some that read my blogs around here they are like, hell yeah Tina. Some just can’t stand me. If it wasn’t so nasty and malice I would not be blogging, just saying. I don’t dig corruption!

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