February 2, 2016


Scholarships, my life and my mom's life was destroyed over scholarships. Only in Hooterville, Arkansas. Gotta love the good ole boy system.

I had some earth shaking news dropped on me today. It was a WTF at its finest. Did this really happened? Am I hearing this right?

The county cops handed this off to the Arkansas state police because of how the accident happened and the local cop he couldn't do that to the boys because of scholarships (mind you.) They thought about a law suit too, no immunity for them I could sue they knew that. The local cop knew this would be bad and he passed it over to the state police for protection. This was planned out from the word get go after the wreck happened. This was premeditated simply to destroy my life and save the boys, end of story.

The Arkansas state police had immunity and they thought this was a sowed up deal and they could get away with it have (no worries.) Cover the wreck up and I couldn't sue them because of immunity. Then BAM the pictures showed up and the police report doesn't look like my pictures. It was falsified they lied on it (all of this was to protect the scholarships, give me a break.) The stalling began to break me down by the law firm I hired. Let that sink in. Throat cutting. I don't have a throat left after this wreck. The Arkansas people should know about this law firm and they will I promise that much. I understand now why certain ones want to smash my social media into the ground and shut it down (the heat is on.) I'm glad I got the news today the way it did, how it played out. Another God's blessing. To be honest there were 2 blessings that night. Oh the guilty conscience I seen all over ones face too. This is God's work right here. I was so calm,  it was amazing how calm I was as she bullied me however I know I will get hung in the jail cell if I act a fool. I ain't about that life. Calm, cool, and collective got to stay that way. I'm on survival mode.

Check this out, on my YouTube which is being flagged all the time. You can tell what kind of wreck it was a war zone to be exact. No one got cited or got tickets that day none of the boys did, alcohol everywhere excuse me, explain that one please? You know why? I'll let you guess lol SCHOLARSHIPS that's right they get something on their records bye bye to the scholarships. Piss on Tina.......she doesn't matter. I thank God for my pictures each and every day that was a true blessing.

Hmmmmmmmmm going past a stop sign flying like a bat out of hell. Hit me and I was minding my own business going to work that day,  the wreck wasn't my fault at all. Destroyed my life in seconds my life is still destroyed over it. However they couldn't have anything on their records tho. My life didn't matter at all that day. It was about the boys. We got to save them and throw Tina under the bus. That is exactly what had happened that day. The in and out at the hospital I totally get it now. If something is wrong with my medical someone told me exactly how that is going to unfold. Good on me bad for them. They will throw in a certain Act that's terrifying to have that charge, falsifying medical records. That is definitely a no-no. Indictments galore whoever was involved covering this wreck up. I hope some will rot in jail to be honest.

Now I understand my property damage and how I got screwed over by the law firm the professional scammers I hired. I was told in detail about it. If the alcohol, speeding in the school zone,  reckless driving was on the police report I would have gotten a brand new car because of the alcohol, end of story but it didn't happen like that. I still have no car to this day. I've been without a car almost a year. Nothing is on their records nothing was placed on the police report so therefore I got screwed over big time. $25,000 pay out and my medical is $18,500. If something is wrong with me, I will not pay that $18,500 that law firm can shove the medical and their slogan up their ass that's the truth. I have headaches, numbness and chest pains still however I don't trust a medical professional in Arkansas after what I have been through so therefore I will die at home my trust is gone I've been traumatized. I do suffer every day and you have to add the pain and suffering too almost a years worth. This is serious and this cover up is obvious anyone can see it. How it was handled was with stupidity and ignorance. Gosh, karma is going to rip through Conway County Arkansas like a boss. Mom and I will have the last laugh tho. I was told not to worry it will eventually get handled in the long run. The sobriety test wasn't passed either. They covered up this wreck and they still think they can get away with it? Wait a minute not now, I don't think so. Haha they covered this wreck up and it's amazing how everything is surfacing, God's work. Man, there will be lots of stuff to get uncovered here in Conway County Arkansas, I have a gut feeling about it. This county made the ID channel twice. I bet one will get reopened.

Let's talk about the law firm the attorneys for the Arkansas state police and Conway County Arkansas. I'll make this short and sweet and straight to the point. They are in trouble very much so they have a lot of explaining to do. Hmmmmmmmmm I wonder how they are going to get out of this one especially my property damage. Talking about snakes in the grass. On bended knees for disbarring. They don't need to be in business. That's real talk. Screw over innocent people stepping on them like they don't mean nothing taking advantage, Arkansas should know about this cover up. I was told when I make the Dr Phil show, people will be emailing about their horror stories in Conway County Arkansas and the horror stories about the law firm mark my words Tina.

(I'm going to note this) this law firm told me when I showed them my concrete evidence they will add the alcohol and other stuff to the police report. They told me and mother leaving off alcohol is illegal it will be added. What a lie that was. They did nothing but cause me pain and suffering on top of the pain and suffering I was already dealing with. This was underhanded work. Sneaky shit. Who else are they doing this too? Who else are they screwing over protecting the other side for favors? This is a serious cover up and it should and will be addressed. Everyone that covered this wreck up underestimated me that's real talk. Mom and I will fight the good ole boy system trust me. I have concrete evidence and I want to see how the lawyer's, cop's, judge's, school officials, county officials get out of this, they can't with my evidence I have. How are they gonna explain it there's no way they can?  They got to explain themselves but it's going to be hard to do. That's going to be really hard to do especially with the lawyers. How come they did not help me and I was trying to tell them and they did not listen to me at all. This is wrong on so many levels. When I got my information about this February 1st that was the day I finally realized I was not medically treated right. I still suffer from headaches, numbness and chest pains. On the 1st it hit me like a ton of bricks. It all came together and that was the final nail to this case. I will fight this end of story. This is underhanding at its finest. Sneaky Sneaky Sneaky bullshit. I can't let this happened to someone else, I just can't. This is traumatic high amounts of Trauma another person shouldn't need to go through this traumatic episode it's very stressful.

To the ones involved in the cover up with this wreck. Especially the ones that are close to me lol the word indictments will bring music to my ears and my mother's too. I promise that much, the truth about this wreck is coming to surface each and every day. I know I will not be shocked whoever is involved but they will deserve every bit of the punishment coming their way. Pain and suffering welcome to my world live my life for awhile worry your ass off how you going to survive everyday no money no nothing. Bad credit, liens, no car, the list goes on its a bad feeling to feel, it truly is feeling of entrapment (you're paralyzed). May these BAMFs uncover more stuff in the county let the domino's fall one by one baby. Praise God because God is good. Sweet Jesus I love you for bringing this cover up to light and exposing the scumbags.

Let this sink in, March 24th 2015 to present, NO car NO job NO money and my credit is so ruined and my life is completely destroyed because ALCOHOL, SPEEDING IN A SCHOOL ZONE, RECKLESS DRIVING was NOT put on the police report, so they can keep the boys RECORDS clean to save their SCHOLARSHIPS. My life DID NOT matter that day. My life was turned upside down, $25,000 payout with $18,500 in medical been off work for a year, I've been without a car for a year almost, the rest of the money was to make me whole again. I don't believe so that's not enough money, alcohol everywhere hell to the no, it wasn't on the police report. I am so traumatized over this it makes me sick to my stomach. I have family involved in this too. I have my suspicion and one truly truly truly truly showed her true colors with her guilty face. I'm NOT signing off from this wreck until it's made RIGHT fuck that $25,000 check I'm NOT signing it, this wreck was a cover up and I want everyone exposed for the scumbags as they are. I want this on a national level. I want the world to know what they have done to me and my mother. Mom and I have endured tremendous amounts of pain and suffering too much to be exact. They need to see what they done to us it's not a pretty sight. This was all uncalled for. Do your damn job right in the first place this wouldn't be happening. I'm totally traumatized over this. This underhanding bullshit has got to go. This is 2016.

The law firm I hired, now I understand why they jumped ship like they did buuuuuut they will still get into trouble.  I told them and I have emails dating back to April that there's alcohol involved. They ignored me because the law firm already knew about the alcohol in the first place and they were stalling this case riding it out until the 3 years statue of limitation was up its there plain to see. They ignored their client when she was crying for help please do something about this, this is not right, this is wrong. This is unfair something should be done about it. I had the pictures and I had the witnesses. They did nothing to help me at all. A non corrupted lawyer would have settled out of court in a matter of weeks after May 28th because of the pictures that was the day I received them but these lawyers didn't they were helping the other side out keeping the boys safe at all cost. I call that bullshit! This is pure devastation, I'm am traumatized by this. The law firm I hired cut my throat and sold me out. They were on the other side protecting them NOT me. Arkansas people should know about this law firm. They looked at me and my mother in October, told us not one judge will favor for me or the pictures I will not win when they dropped the case. That right there alone was a pay off in the state of Arkansas by a judge. Their ego's were talking at that point. We are untouchable. That's sick because other people should be aware not to hire them as lawyers they scam their clients for the other side if needed. What if they are doing that to someone else right now? Something should be done about it. ASAP

My life is paralyzed because of scholarships. Let me tell you something right now. Those boys made a decision that day to drink and drive now they will have to pay the price. If their scholarships are revoked and they lose them, so be it. One of them has almost $200,000 worth of scholarships, they should have thought about the consequences before running the intersection like they did. I don't feel sorry for them. I'm living with headaches, numbness, chest pains because I was not medically treated right in the first place. I don't give a rats ass if they lose them. Justice will prevail. I was done wrong so wrong.

I hope school officials, judges, cops, lawyers, county officials all the ones that were involved covering this wreck up especially SOME of my family loses their jobs, retirements because they deserve the maximum punishment for their crime they committed that day. They totally smashed me into the ground so I couldn't voice my opinion in Arkansas and they shut me down in the state of Arkansas from getting help that's why the pictures will NOT be favored in court. If I got a lawyer in Arkansas he would have got paid off because the pictures could not be presented in court because of the cover up. My pictures tells the true story of how the wreck happened.  The pictures are worth a thousand words. Thank God for my pictures. God doesn't like UGLY. God will take care of the bad guys in the end. I promise that much. They think they are safe they are not.

Let this sink in too
When you are trying to tell your doctor something is wrong something is not right something is going on with your body. She wasn't going to hear that at all. She stated, nothing is wrong with me, I could work,  all in my head type bullshit. She knew the wreck was covered up. She had to go along with the lawyer that's why she's the 'yes, doctor'  they knew the wreck was covered up. They had to make it pretty on paper. They made everything look pretty on paper right up until they dropped me. PRETTY AND LEGAL AND THEY LIED 100% ALL THE WAY How can they make the paper look pretty when the pictures told a different story, the pictures showed the ugliness about it, the truth showed. Being pretty on paper and the war zone in my pictures doesn't match at all and I want to know why that is my RIGHT. Can the lawyer and doctor explain that one? They can't, they can't explain their way out of this,  there's no way.  God himself couldn't explain himself out of this situation and that's God's honest truth.  I tried to go back to work. I was having trouble picking patients up a catch in my back something was wrong. I left before something bad happened because I felt unease I lasted like 4 hours. I still didn't have a car either. I turned in my 2 weeks notice. The point is I was trying to tell the doctor she did not listen because she was being told by lawyer what to do. I suffer with headaches, numbness, chest pains because no one listened to me. That has resulted of NOT going to any doctor in the state of Arkansas because I am traumatized by the other doctor and how she done me. My trust is gone. See I deal with so much anger and rage because no one listened to me. I have high amounts of mental anguish. I hate these lawyer's they make me sick to my stomach and how they are ripping the arkansans off by favors for a favor type bullshit. They are doing it to another client RIGHT NOW I bet! This is not right and it will be addressed.

I'm going to state this too. I got attacked on the Internet by some of the boys mother's and family plus friends so on. However I set their asses straight with the facts and they deleted their comments but I have them saved. That's okay and they gave me bad book reviews too. Which when I pull my book those will be gone. I will lose all my reviews when I revise and republish my book. Start over start fresh. I got scammed by Outskirts Press, so what, their day is coming too. I had family to jump on my ass too. My mom set that one straight praise God. My social media is my freedom of speech. This is my outlet to get the big dogs in and high profile people and it's working trust me. When you get shut down in Arkansas and I've been global for years and years now I just took action and got my story out there and the ones I wanted are on it. I'm not going to slow down and I'm pretty sure I'm under federal investigation at this point in time I've raised 9 kinds of hell. I will continue to raise hell until mom and I are completely heard and talked too. This is corruption and this will be addressed on a national level end of story. The ones that are getting on to me about my social media is the guilty parties. They need to stay away from me if they really know best. I don't go around them leave me the hell alone. Evil lies there and I don't want no part of it.

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