February 14, 2016

Let Me Set the Record Straight

As I let this scholarship bullshit sink in. It absolutely positively truthfully makes me sick to my stomach that my life and my mother's life was destroyed over scholarships going on nearly a year now. My anger and rage is setting in full force as I type this. This situation makes me want to throat punch each and everyone that helped covered this wreck up. The audacity to throw my life to the side like I was a piece of trash laying on the floor all because of scholarships, like my life didn't matter at all that day. I hope and pray every scholarship is taken away for maximum punishment. I hope and pray that each and every one that covered this wreck up gets an indictment and they get the maximum punishment too. They deserve to be called out and announced on TV world wide let the world see their faces for who they really are especially the law firm nothing but scumbags. Mom and I need an public apology too. My life is paralyzed over some bullshit scholarships give me a break. I loathe so many right now because I have figured out who was involved. If I have to go the extreme so be it they will pay for this cover up. The audacity of the Arkansas State Police to cover this wreck up. Arkansas should know about this and they will. If something is wrong with me medically, I am going to lower the boom in Arkansas like no other trust me. My medical was tossed to the side, protection of the scholarships, talking about anger and rage. I will make damn sure this doesn't happen again, I promise. Scholarships what a poor excuse? Those boys made a choice that day and only people under the influence pulls a stunt like that and having the Arkansas State Police to cover it up makes me want to vomit. The ones that were getting on to me about my social media can kiss my ass too. They knew this wreck was a cover up and the scholarships were being protected end of story. Scare tactics and intimidation doesn't phase me one bit.

I should be living in Connecticut right now and living my life enjoying myself. No, I have been paralyzed in Arkansas fighting for my life and raising hell on the Internet to get heard because mom and I got shut down in Arkansas. That just sickens me to the core. There are people here in Arkansas didn't want me in Connecticut to begin with and I know all about it. My life and my credit, my civil rights have been smashed into the ground. I have been beaten into the ground big time and I am the VICTIM with this wreck. I'm buried alive over some stupid ass scholarships. Talking about the southern mentality at its finest what a ridiculous excuse that is. I hope and pray that everything gets blown out the water in Conway County Arkansas. So the world can see the ugliness as it is and it's an ugly place too. Some days are really hard on me like today. I should be living in Connecticut going on about my daily life no that had to be destroyed too. I absolutely positively truthfully can't have a damn thing in life. I have yet to figure that out. Now I have anger, rage and mental anguish because all my rights were taken away I'm paralyzed in life, scholarships isn't an excuse. I hope each and everyone gets exposed to the highest level. I will NOT feel one bit sorry either. Karma, what goes around comes back around. Reap what you sow!


Conway County Arkansas residents,

May 28th I received my pictures and I sent them to the law firm and my witnesses too. My response was to go to Clarksville and have them stapled to the back of the police report. So they can lay there and NOT be recognized. I don't think so. I sent a straight to the point email I wasn't playing around either with the law firm. Meeting on June 3rd. Mom and I were told the alcohol and other stuff was going to be added to the police report. My lawyer told my mom and (me) not adding the alcohol is against the law the cops shouldn't have done that, it's illegal. It will be added Ms Graves don't worry. Then here comes the 'classic stall out' they got their heads together because they weren't expecting the pictures at all, they thought they were in the clear. The pictures were a bomb major bomb they weren't expecting those pictures at all. So stalling out the case set in motion to wear me down to nothing and I would take anything. Starve me and my mother out to the extreme and they ruined our lives in the process needless to say. The scholarships was the main focus not me the VICTIM. I was the Victim in this wreck. So therefore I was tossed to the side I didn't matter.  It was all about the scholarships. So the law firm the scumbags I hired, worked hand in hand with the Arkansas state police and Conway County Arkansas. I got to throw the Arkansas FBI in there too, that came from the law firm, I am NOT a dumbass. I was shut down in Arkansas I couldn't voice my opinion, my civil rights were stripped from me. So I started to raise hell on the Internet and I'm zoomed in by high profile people now trust me I know. I had to do something. I couldn't get help in Arkansas mother and I were shut down our voices didn't matter.   Ummmmmmmmmmmm my life is completely destroyed because of scholarships give me a break. I had a major wreck not a minor as it states on the police report. My medical is a joke. I live with headaches, numbness, chest pain every day since the wreck. I refuse to see a doctor because I've been lied too, I don't trust a soul in Arkansas. I tried to tell the quack doctor that the crooked lawyers sent me too. She did not listen to me, she wasn't having it she was obeying the law firm she's the 'yes' doctor. This law firm is full of crooked lawyers end of story. I'm the first one to call their sorry asses out in Arkansas. They sold their client out (me) so no judge in the state of Arkansas will favor for me or my pictures they are protecting the scholarships. I have concrete fucking evidence that they lied on the police report. My pictures tells the story and what's on the police report is false very false. So the ones, that are running their mouths about me in Conway County Arkansas slamming me into the ground. You guys get into a wreck and alcohol was everywhere (people were stepping over it) and the wreck looked like a war zone so much damage all away around. You get your police report back and you look at it. You don't see the alcohol, speeding in a school zone, reckless driving, it disappeared like it didn't happen poof it was gone. Trust me, you would be raising hell 9 kinds of hell too like I've been doing don't kid yourself. Then you found out it was about protecting the scholarships you would be furious mad as hell. You would say to the law firm, Arkansas State police, Conway County Arkansas, the FBI of Arkansas, you can take those scholarships cram them so far up your asses, you better be making my police report right and go by the pictures because the pictures holds the truth nothing but the truth (concrete evidence). You would start fighting for your life that's the logical thing to do. Hey, this is not right my life matters DILLIGAF about the scholarships no I don't. Those boys made a decision that day now they have to pay the price. If they were worried about the scholarships in the first place that wouldn't have ran the intersection like they did. I HAVE CONCRETE EVIDENCE AND SOMETHING WILL BE DONE. This can't happen again because death might be involved next time covering up a wreck is a no no and it has got to be stopped. Put my shoes on for awhile you will think differently. October 28th my case was dropped and nothing added to the police report they weren't going to add it to begin with. The law firm knew about the alcohol from day one and they were protecting the scholarships not their client. These lawyer's need to be disbarred, end of story. I will continue to raise hell until something is DONE! You can't dismiss alcohol that's ludicrous. Almost a year's worth of mental anguish, anger and rage for being done wrong because the police covered your wreck up to protect the scholarships that is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. My pain and suffering you can't describe it. My life is ruined, my credit is ruined, I've lost everything. My property damage, I got screwed over with that too. I hope and pray for indictments, I really do. I pray so hard for that day because whoever covered this wreck up should get the maximum punishment they deserve it 100% full punishment, protecting the scholarships is unacceptable that is NOT an excuse to leave the alcohol off the police report. These people will go to hell for this and it's a perfect place for the scumbags.

Mom and I need a public apology world wide on the Dr Phil show. We have been stomped into the ground by everyone. Me 'the victim' has lost everything in my life and I need a double apology from the scumbags. This was wrong on so many levels and this situation should be addressed so it will never happen again. Dear Jesus, no one I mean no one should go through this kind of pain and suffering it's life changing and it has nearly killed me and I won't be surprised if I die from it. I do have my funeral services planned cause no one never knows I'm under high amounts of stress very high amounts of stress. God doesn't like UGLY. Scholarships is NOT an excuse for what happened to me. I've been traumatized severly.

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