March 1, 2016

Standing My Ground In Arkansas

I have gotten some great advice all over the world especially from the United States,  lawyers, state police and etc. They all see this as corruption very high amounts of corruption needless to say. So I'm NOT crazy like everyone one is saying that I am. I've learned a lot from this too. It seems a lot of people were saying this was a minor accident and I was lying about the alcohol until some seen the pictures and the police report they started to see this differently the truth read loud and clear. I'm far from crazy.  Everyone underestimated me that's all. I'm far from being stupid too. I am zeroed in. These people I contacted, I made their jobs easy I betcha.

Dear family and friends,
Yes, there is something I can do about my wreck. My wreck was a cover up its obvious to see.

Yes, it's very illegal to leave alcohol off the police report even the scumbag lawyer told me that at our first meeting. Go figure. I had the leverage in June in October no leverage just empty beer cans my lawyer said to me and my mother at our last meeting the case was dropped, that's shady baby. That's a BIG difference in just a few months.

Scare tactics and intimidation doesn't work with me. FYI

Yes, I sent off names of who may-be involved in covering this wreck up. I need help in Arkansas very much so and I will get it. Those boys had connections galore in the criminal justice system way up there connections very scary too. This was a cover up to protect the scholarships it's there plain as day anyone can see it.

One thing I found odd about it, that one passenger of the truck that nearly killed me that day, they had his named blacked out on the police report couldn't see his information at all. I know a school official with the same last name that person must have called to remove the alcohol off the police report it's shady baby . Once upon a time in Conway County Arkansas, there was a lawyer as I was told a very crooked lawyer that landed a judge position for the whole state of Arkansas with the same last name as the young boy, the passenger with all his information blacked out on the police report. The ego's and untouchable attitudes kicked in I suppose. I was told that lawyer was a bad apple, now a judge in the state of Arkansas, that's pretty damn scary. I didn't hear anything good about that person.

There are 3 people with the same last names and this last name is odd too uncommon not in spell check,  one is VERY POWERFUL in the state of Arkansas now I understand about the judge part of it. When my name comes up to finish my personal that's why I haven't finish yet, I'm in a bad bind in Arkansas a very bad bind. I'm not signing a DAMN thing until the alcohol and the other major factors are added to the police report and I got scammed over my personal property too because of the alcohol was not added, if the alcohol and other stuff was on the police report, I would have gotten my car replaced immediately because this was NOT my fault. I've been without a car since the wreck 3-24-2015. Yup, I got screwed over big-time. The law firm knew about it the whole time talking about throat cutting at its finest and I'm the VICTIM of this wreck NOT the boys. Alcohol plays a major role. Now, I understand why no judge in the state of Arkansas will favor for me or the pictures. My name comes up it will be a paid off jury to favor for the boys NOT me to protect the scholarships, end of story . The 3 with the same last name 1) passenger, 2) school official that person definitely didn't want the alcohol on the police report, 3) the judge, 2 out of three are powerful. The boy was a passenger with the most scholarships to lose, the judge part, there's a connection trust me. I was told a lot of my problems started from those 3 but others are involved as well by protecting the other boys and their scholarships too. How many have they done this to especially dealing with murders, you can't leave that out? Man, when the skeletons fall out, I bet they will be dancing in the end, I can just see it now. Knee deep in corruption probably neck deep to be honest.

This was told to me about the law firm. They messed up twice. April 6th 2015, they shouldn't have took your case at all. They are attorneys for all the officials in Conway County Arkansas, cops,  the courthouse so on, they are attorneys for the Arkansas State Police too. That is conflict of interest, that is a no-no and they can be disbarred for that. The 2nd reason, when you sent those pictures via email May 28th. They should have called the Arkansas State Police immediately afterwards, we have pictures and it doesn't match the police report and we need to know why and we need the answers now not later something strange is going on here something is wrong. A good lawyer would have stood up and fought for you right after the email reached them. Any lawyer in the world would have seen corruption at that moment and started to dig and dig fast, find out why the Arkansas State police covered this wreck up. What's going on here? That's a good law firm. This law firm knew about the alcohol before hand and the scholarships. They were protecting the Arkansas state police and protecting the scholarships for people in Conway County Arkansas. When the pictures dropped the stalling began to smash you into the ground and they took your mom down as well they didn't plan on that to happen. I could actually sue the law firm, Arkansas State police, and Conway County Arkansas. Something is wrong with your medical that will put this on a new level. They find something wrong with you, it will be bad trust me, I know. The pictures and the police report are night and day. Then the book you wrote seals the deal. Now if you didn't have the pictures it would have been hard to fight this needless to say. You better be thanking God for the semi truck driver every day of your life for sending those pictures. You have concrete and damaging evidence with those pictures and it will hold up in federal court. This is big time corruption. The trouble you had with the FBI in Arkansas, that part came from the law firm (abuse of power) it's there in black and white it's all there. The right people are most likely looking into this they know it's corruption, now when they lower the boom. The ones that covered up this wreck will never ever forget it,when everything gets stripped from them, jobs, retirements so on. They will regret covering this wreck up. The Dr Phil show that will turned out to be a few shows because you will break the ice for other people that are dealing with corruption in Conway County Arkansas. When your law firm told you not one judge in the state of Arkansas will favor for you or the pictures, they sold you out and took a big pay off. The Dr Phil show will have the story of the year with you girl, in his 14th season coming up. Mark my words, I know what I'm talking about Tina. This came from a federal lawyer.

Let this sink in

Before the case was dropped the lawyer had a meeting with a judge imagine that. I bet you money it was the judge with the same last name as the passenger and the school official. I heard they are buddies the judge and my scumbag lawyer. My medical they had to make it minor as possible just like the police report. My medical something is wrong it will be bad for all that is involved covering this wreck up, I promise. Strange last name that consists of the passenger, school official and a judge it's all there. Something is fishy about this cover up. 3 people with the same last name this is a major cover up and it's obvious to see. The move that mother and I had to make because of my social media don't let anybody one else fool ya. I took pictures I have evidence to explain it all. When the shit goes down everybody better be ready! My anger, rage and mental anguish is off the charts. I AM MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm going after whoever is involved family or not I don't care at this point in time. It's going to be bad on their part whoever was involved I bet your sweet ass on that. I'M COMING FOR THEM LIKE A BOSS! Mom and I have been done wrong especially me, I've been severely  traumatized my mental status isn't good because I've been beaten into the ground a severe beating to be exact. My pain and suffering it will be a year (3-24-2015 to 3-24-2016) there's NO words to describe my pain and suffering for being done wrong there's NO words at all. I want a public apology for me and my mother. All my pain and suffering because of protection of the scholarships that's unacceptable that's NOT a good excuse and I'M NOT HAVING IT EITHER. My life matters more than those damn scholarships. My mom matters too and she's been done wrong so wrong.

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