March 7, 2016

Anger, rage, and mental anguish, let's talk about that!

3-24-2015 to 3-24-2016 my wreck my worst nightmare of my life my anniversary is coming up, 1 year of living in the depths of hell pure depths of hell. My mom lived through hell too and my kids nothing but hell for 12 months and still going.......

As the OJ Simpson case was brought out into the public once again, I thought about what the law firm told me at our very last meeting. They brought up the OJ Simpson case. In another words, "sometimes you just don't get justice" you just can't win and you have to deal with it, live with it, go on." I really hate this law firm. They knew about the alcohol beforehand and they were protecting the scholarships at all cost and they didn't care about me as a client either don't kid yourself. I wonder how many clients are they screwing over this very minute in time. How many clients are they taking advantage of and throwing their weight around with their ego's and untouchable attitudes we can do anything we want. The state of Arkansas should really know about this law firm so they don't make the same mistake like I did. Watch a commercial and hire them and make one of my biggest mistakes in my life. I will take a lie detector test too, I am not lying. These lawyers are shysters and scammers, and scumbags.

Oh the skeletons are falling out the closet over this wreck now like crazy. The school official the parent of the son that had about 200 grand in scholarships. What I heard people should take into consideration my anger and rage at the moment. I am being serious about it too. This person stated, that the alcohol, reckless driving, speeding in a school zone will never ever be placed on the police report because of their son, the scholarship will not get revoked, he's got a full ride and it's going to stay that way until he graduates from college, end of story. If the alcohol and the other 2 factors were on the police report all the scholarships  would have gotten revoked they would have lost them immediately. That's why NO tickets and NO citations were given that day of the wreck. They also stated, I don't care about Tina's medical needs her numbness, her chest pain and her headaches, she will have to deal with it, her medical will not interfere with my child's scholarships. The alcohol will stay off the police report and there's NOT one thing that Tina can do about it, those 3 factors will not be added to the police report she needs to get over it. In another words I have to deal with my aches and pains hmmmmmmmmm. My anger, rage and mental anguish is on a scary level now because my life did not matter the day of my wreck. The scholarships mattered ONLY and they stripped my civil rights away so I couldn't voice my opinion in the state of Arkansas and reach out for help with the media. All the people that were involved covering this wreck up disabled my help so I couldn't get any because the alcohol had to stay off the police report because of the scholarships. My pain and suffering there are no words for it. Would you be mad if this happened to you? I bet your sweet ass you would be mad, steaming hot mad to be exact. Your anger, rage and mental anguish would be on a dangerous level too a very dangerous level, I have to say and I have the right to feel this way. This is injustice at its finest.

((((((Same last names))))))
The kid, the passenger, one with the most scholarships to lose.

The school official, the parent that works at the same school where the scholarships came from. Same last name.

The the lawyer/judge, with the same last name. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out for Christ sakes 3 with the same last name that's my major problem right there plus other things too.  Let's talk about the lawyer/judge. I heard he's a scumbag. The most corrupted in Conway County Arkansas. What I heard it wasn't good at all. Obviously they can't say anything good about him because obviously he's a bad apple needless to say. However Conway County Arkansas is the land of corruption so there you go. The FBI headquarters in Washington DC should do a clean sweep and lower the corruption down. I bet their minds would be blown, hands down, I know.

My anger, my rage, and my mental anguish. I really need to be living in Connecticut right now. I'm getting on a dangerous level to be honest with my anger and rage. I am one mad woman. I am furious. I could throat punch each and everyone that are involved covering this wreck up I would have NO remorse at all. It would bring a smile on my face because they deserve a throat punch they need the wind knocked out of them too. Real talk!

So I'm living with, numbness, chest pains, and headaches right along with anger, rage, mental anguish, anxiety attacks. No car, no job, no money. My credit is completely destroyed and my life is completely ruined because of scholarships. I hope I don't go off the deep end people should pay attention and observe at this point. It absolutely positively truthfully makes me sick to my stomach that, the alcohol, reckless driving, speeding in a school zone was removed because of scholarships because they would have lost them if my wreck was done correctly by the police. Like my life DID NOT matter that day. If I would have died that day. The alcohol, the reckless driving, speeding in a school zone would have NOT surfaced. They would have gotten away with murder once again in Conway County Arkansas. You want to get away with murder come live in Conway County Arkansas I know numerous cases that this has HAPPENED to literally it has happened. THERE'S A SPECIAL PLACE IN HELL FOR THESE TYPE OF PEOPLE, I PROMISE!

So let's talk about getting another lawyer he/she will get a brow beating from me. Interrogation at its finest because I'll have to make sure I don't get screwed over again. This law firm ruined me to have faith and trust with any other lawyer in the future. This corruption is on a serious level and it has simply destroyed me. I trust no one. I suffer with pain because I'm afraid that I'll be lied too again just like the scumbag lawyer that sent me to their doctor. I was trying so hard to tell her about my pain and my anger/rage and so on. She didn't want to hear it because she's the 'yes' doctor. She knew about the scholarships too don't let them fool ya. The lawyer told her what to do and how to word it on paper and make it as minor as possible like it's all in my head type bullshit. When I go to another doctor, I try to explain myself what is going on with me. Are they going to listen to me or tell me the same old crap?Are they going to listen to me, seriously????? I'm traumatized and a lot of people don't realize how traumatized I am, this is on a serious level. They have mentally beat me into the ground. I have took a severe beating over this wreck, I am the victim. This wreck wasn't my fault but they made it out to be my fault because of the scholarships. Anyone would be traumatized too if they had to go through what I have gone through with this wreck. This will take years to recover. I don't have faith nor trust in anyone anymore. In my head they are going to screw me over. That's what this wreck has caused me. It's sad so sad. Dr Phil will have his hands full with me. I know what I'm talking about too. God love him, when that times comes. I don't think he can fix me, it's 2016 and I'm beyond repair. I have 12 years living through hell under my belt and it will be hard to recover me there's not much left of me anyways. That's why I want to move to Connecticut to heal my body, mind and soul, far far far away from Arkansas. That's the ONLY way for me to heal. I really need to rest my mind. I really do. I don't have much longer to live but I should be able to live in peace and tranquility until I die. I need solitude. I'm tired so tired. I'm worn down. I don't know how I'm going to be honest.

When it's time for a law suit. I will sue everybody that is involved and I will sue my family too when it comes official. I have been told who was involved but I have to wait see it firsthand to make sure it's true. I will sue them too. I promise that much. I will make sure it doesn't happen again to someone else because they don't want to go through this nightmare, this type of hell trust me I know what I'm talking about. It's horrible and to be beat down like I have,  its indescribable. There's NO words to describe it at all. My pain and suffering there's NO words for it.

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