February 11, 2016

My throat is CUT there's nothing left of it

Throat cutting in Arkansas.....in my sarcastic voice/blog. I am the very first person to go against the good ole boy system and the very first person to call the scumbags out and I refuse to back down because my wreck was a cover up and it should be addressed on a national level so it will never ever happen again to anyone else. Trust me they don't want to go through this kind of hell and torture it's traumatizing needless to say and I will never be the same, I'm a changed woman over this wreck there's no doubt about it. My zero tolerance level is in full force. Alcohol is serious a very serious issue and it should never be covered up there's NO reason for it. Protecting scholarships give me a freaking break. They made a choice that day now they will have to pay the price. It's all about choices remember that. The alcohol should be on the police report!

Everything is starting to fall into place with this cover up. My mind is blown over this wreck. Full blown corruption for sure. Why me? I ask that all the time everyday of my life and I wrote a book about corruption look what happened corruption slapped in my face again over scholarships this time. Dear God get me out of Arkansas please and thank you. I will never ever move back here. I promise.

Distraught crying parents making phone calls one right after another. OMG--help my child out. Get that alcohol, speeding in a school zone, reckless driving off the police report because of the scholarships they can't lose their scholarships. Please make it look as minor as possible so we can save the scholarships. Save the boys........this wreck was all about the boys and I was the victim.

Then here came the family and friends coming to their rescue. Don't worry about it, the alcohol and the rest of the other stuff will not be added to the police report we will make it as minor as possible don't fret over it. They will NOT lose their scholarships. We will cut Tina's throat that's not a problem at all. They are young she is old her life is about over with anyways. Let's destroy her life, no car, no job, no money, liens galore where she has to file bankruptcy. She can't have a bank account. If she goes back to work her check will get garnished. She might have $20 to live on each week after her garnishments. Let's just destroy her take away her civil rights too where her voice doesn't matter in the state of Arkansas let's silence her and paralyze her life totally. Let's destroy her mom's life too because her mom helps her. This is the straight up facts folks, I'm living the all American nightmare. (I know 2 people that has had alcohol removed before from the police report in Conway County Arkansas sad to say. Good ole boy system. SMFH that's obstruction of justice to tell you the truth about it.)

Hello over here as I wave my hand in the air, my life does matter, assholes. I was 7 inches to death. If I would have left sooner, I would have been hanging out the passenger side of my car dead very dead. My rage, my anger and my mental anguish is growing by the day swear to God it is. It's getting off the charts to be honest. This is not good. Why you stay so angry, Tina? Hmmmmmmmmm I wonder why?

My well being and my health did NOT matter one bit that day, I was tossed to the side to rot. The scholarships mattered that day and covering the wreck up making sure the precious scholarships were still attached to the delinquents. The ones that broke the law that day and did the unthinkable with alcohol in the back of the truck and when the truck flipped and flying upside down and the alcohol scattered all over the place. The alcohol can't be added to the police report because of the scholarships, the alcohol was dismissed like it didn't happened at all. Scholarships is NOT an excuse to leave the alcohol off the police report. Arkansas state police is a disgrace covering up alcohol. The Arkansas state police should be ashamed of themselves for doing this no matter who told them to take the alcohol off the police report. So this has resulted for me to fight for my life, I am the VICTIM I DID NOT ask for this what so ever. I had all my rights taken away from me that day and someone has to pay.

Then I hired a joke of a law firm, I thought I was getting the best, oh how I was wrong so wrong about that one. They done the final throat cutting. I don't have a throat anymore because of them. They lied to me from day one. Shysters, snakes in the grass, professional scammers. They knew about the alcohol and they protected the boys and their scholarships end of story. June 3rd the alcohol should have been added to the police report when my concrete evidence (my pictures) surfaced my proof that the police report was false. The alcohol, speeding in a school zone, reckless driving was not added to the police report when they dropped me October 28th they told me and my mother it will be added June 3rd. So they started to stall the case and starve me and my mother out. They couldn't add the alcohol because they were protecting the scholarships, how sad is that? That law firm did absolutely nothing for me but cut my throat and protect the delinquents at all cost over scholarships. I know a lot of people and they know this law firm too and they want the law firm to be called out in Arkansas so others don't hire them because they sell their clients out like they did me. What I mean, not one judge will favor for the client nor their evidence in the state of Arkansas if they are helping the other side out. Underhanding and sneakiness behind their clients back without them knowing about it (the great pay off, the pay off is a lot of money too) I agree with these people. So many stated I was done wrong with this wreck and this should be addressed as soon as possible so it won't happen again. This is serious and should not be dismissed like it didn't happen and that is coming from the residents of Conway County Arkansas. It's time for a call out. One resident stated, they saved the insurance company too that's a disgrace. Alcohol not on the police report less money to pay out by the insurance company. Scandal and corruption all the way on this wreck. Over scholarships that's not a good enough reason. Life is about choices good and bad. Paying the price make the boys learn from this so they will not do it again. You take alcohol off the police report they will do it over and over again until they kill someone that's real talk. Make them learn the first time if they lost their scholarships so be it. Life lessons sometimes they are hard lessons.

You know what I want, I want a representative from the law firm, Arkansas State Police and the FBI agent that mom and I talked to and someone from Conway County Arkansas. I want them on the Dr Phil show. The semi driver and the driver of the truck that flipped should be there too. I want them lined up front of me and my mother we need the semi driver by us. Dr Phil on the side in the middle and let the lies and debate begin. I want to know where it states in the police manual of rules and regulations. Where does it state that minor in possession of alcohol, protection of the scholarships the alcohol can't be added to the police report? Where is it, in that book that it says you don't have to add the alcohol if scholarships are in place so they can't lose them? Each and every one better answer it wisely. It better be a damn good excuse too. One of the best I've ever heard in my life. Redneck cops and Lawyers gotta love'em said no one ever. I loathe these scumbags I really do. Mom and I have tons of questions to ask these people and we have every right to ask them too. Mom stated the cowards will NOT go on the Dr Phil show and be called out world wide. They know they done me wrong that's admitting to the corruption and they are not going to do that to themselves on national television. They can't lie their way out of this not to a professional Psychologist like Dr Phil. He would put them in their place and on blast and not think twice about it. Dr Phil doesn't play around and it would be bad on their part because there's not an excuse good enough to explain their way out of this cover up. Scholarships is NOT an excuse, to leave alcohol off the police report mom stated.

You know what, you can have it looking good and pretty and legal on paper but you throw down my pictures, it trumps all the lies on that paper. That's why a picture is worth more than a 1000 words a picture tells the truth nothing but the truth what happened that day. There's NOT a good enough excuse that the scumbags can come up with to explain their way out of this scandal and corruption. The police report is a damn joke it's a lie at its finest. It makes me and my mother sick to our stomach. Lie infested from the county officials to the lawyers. Such a joke and a disgrace too. That's why I'm raising 9 kinds of hell on the Internet. Get shut down in Arkansas I will raise hell on a global level and get heard. I bet sweet ass on that. I am zeroed in! Trust me.

I found a place in Connecticut and I hope and pray that I get there. It has a nice backyard and an awesome basement. Too many bedrooms maybe I could knock a wall out. It's perfect for me, myself and I. I'm off to myself and I will not bother a soul that's what I want. I'll be living alone no one to bother me. Make my trips back and forth to Arkansas when needed, visit then go back home where I belong on the east coast. I need a place to heal my broken soul and piece my life back together for the 5th time in my life,  let that soak in. The hell I've been through over the years, I'm tired and wore down I need a break that's real talk. I've earned that house and land. I have a green thumb so the front yard and back will look gorgeous. I know how to decorate a house so it will look spectacular on the inside. I need a safe haven far the fuck away from Arkansas so I can live my life they way I want not worry about a damn thing. I will be close to NYC my favorite place in the whole wide world. I should have peace tranquility and solitude by God I've earn every bit of it too. I found a place and I hope I get there as soon as possible. My kids are grown and that's not much for me to ask for before I die and I KNOW my life span has been shorten after this episode. I hope I get it in the near future. After all these years of hardships and adversities I need a break I really do. I will pray about it because I deserve it. Ask believe and receive!

Mom keeps telling me no one I mean no one will show up on the Dr Phil show. Only people will show up is you and I fingers crossed for the semi driver. The rest are cowards. They know they covered this wreck up. Some of these people are powerful in the state of Arkansas and that is why we are getting shut down. It will take powerful powerful people to take down the powerful people in Arkansas and put them in their place. They are used to doing this and getting away with it not this time. The police report and the pictures are totally different and I want to know why? (Lies/truth) Scholarships is not an excuse to leave the alcohol off the police report. They are not going on national television and get called out especially a lawyer which should have done his job on June 3rd, add what you wanted to add to the police report THAT DAY because you have concrete evidence that will hold up in court those pictures tells the truth that police report is a lie nothing but a lie. He will NOT go on television say he was helping the boys and was cutting your throat in the process he's not going to do that. June 3rd to October 28th nothing was added to the police report there's NOT an good enough excuse to explain it in that long length of time span, when they dropped your case that law firm DID NOT help you out one bit just made your life hell added hell on top of hell that you are already dealing with the cover up. When they stated NOT one judge will favor for you or your pictures that's their egos talking on high levels we are untouchable there's nothing you can do about it. WRONG! He started to take care of the ones that had the wreck covered up, he was obviously protecting the scholarships making sure the alcohol was not added on the police report. The scumbags started to stall this case out to break you down and accept whatever money. The ones that covered this wreck up did not think about me and what a financial crisis it put me in I was NOT thought of at all. Tina you are NOT signing off from this wreck until the alcohol and other stuff is added until this is made RIGHT. Alcohol all over the place and people were stepping over it and I was stepping over beers can to get to you. I seen it with my 2 EYES, Tina,  I don't care about the scholarships. They made a choice that day to run the intersection like they did and it was very unlawful. You were the victim and they turned this wreck around and made the boys the victims. That pisses me off to the max. They took everything away from you and it's the poor boys attitude now. I don't think so, I can't wait to go on the Dr Phil show and I will explain myself a lot clearer when that day comes. I love my mom.

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