October 31, 2015

I just got rolled and I have to file bankruptcy

7 months, NO car, NO job, NO $$$

Going down the road minding my business and the wreck was NOT my fault and I get the shit end of the stick. I knew it was going to play out that way. When the assholes changed their tune from June to October. That meeting was lies upon lies. I was lied to from day one. I got to file bankruptcy now. Go from a new car to a used car when I get one. That right there is awful pure punishment. I loathe Arkansas so bad.

My Mother

My mother witness the lies and the deceit. She saw everything unfold right before her eyes. She is devastated totally devastated. She seen what I went through and the beat downs that occurred. She seen me get thrown under the bus like the wreck was my fault. She is totally heartbroken for me. She stated that I had a new car and now I have to get a used one. She is in shock and total disbelief.

Conflict of Interest

That just happened to me, this person knew what county I lived in and they shouldn't have handle this. He shouldn't have done that from day one they should have said NO. I've been screwed over since that day. That's why they bailed out. Everyone was in hand and hand on this situation to ruin my life that was the intentional goal. The good ole boy situation at it's finest. That's why the stalling continued until I got my point across they jumped ship. They got out while they could or had a chance. The stalling would still be taking place as I type this they knew what the outcome was gonna be a looooong time ago like in May. I should have got the settlement in June NOT November they knew how much I was going to get and was NOT going to use the evidence NOT investigate. I will NEVER recommend them to anyone. I DO NOT trust this situation because everything was covered up from day one and the assholes help them out too. I was told that it was illegal with the conflict of interest and the alcohol I can pursue a lawsuit a BIG one. They also stated your wreck was covered up from the peons to the top dogs. A high profile lawyer would love to have this case. I told them there's NOT one judge in the state of Arkansas would favor for me.  That meant the judge was paid off that's what was told too me. He told me, when a high profile lawyer gets through with them, they will be thinking differently you will be going to court. Trust what I am saying, Tina.

Sloppy Cover Up

This was covered up from day one. Your pay out should have paid all your debt on your credit report. Half of your mom's. Get your children lined out. Move to the east coast, reestablish you life and you would have had enough money to live on for a year while you are getting your life back together. Instead you will have to file bankruptcy that's sad. The cover up started from the wreck and went straight up to the big-dogs. He told me it was very sloppy. Where they screwed up at was the conflict of interest. NOW you can't trust your medical NOT at all. I bet your medical is covered up to the max. This is a SERIOUS cover up. Everybody can be brought down by the sloppiness.

The RIGHT lawyer will come have faith!

I was told to keep my YouTube going, keep my social media up to date. The right lawyer will come. NOW you have a story to tell on the Dr. Phil show. You will have a mind-blowing story to tell to be exact. The audience their jaws will drop and they will be shocked of what you have went through in this situation. You got an amazing story to tell absolutely an amazing story Tina don't give up. You will get your chance to tell your story just have faith. They might have shut you down in Arkansas to tell your story but they can't do it on a world wide level. While you don't have a job, no car and no money BEST time to file bankruptcy absolutely it is. Later on I can clean my bankruptcy up don't worry get on the survival mode do what you got to do to survive and it will work in your favor later on. My credit will be back in good standing when the time comes. When the RIGHT lawyer comes AND it will happen. This has gone a whole different way, the conflict of interest the lawyer will be going after them first then the state police and the county you live in. The is a damn good case to take down from the peons to the top dogs. This will gain national attention very fast, world wide. The right lawyer will come and they will have an awesome time taking these scumbags down exposing them on a worldwide level. 

This was intentionally done!!!

This was intentionally done to destroy my life and I will seek justice at all costs. I straight up don't give a damn. I should be living on the east coast starting over right now. My case should have been settled in June not November. They knew the EXACT amount I was getting and they strung me along to destroy my life. God, doesn't like UGLY especially in this case. No one is untouchable anybody can be brought down this 2015 not 1950 times has changed.

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