October 13, 2015

Cry for Help

When you are backed into a corner, you will definitely fight your way out. That's what I am doing. They have had 7 months to finish the personal injury lawsuit cut my check so I can start my civil suit for fuck sakes. I see where it's going the 3 year statue limitation way. I think NOT. I have medical bills piling up and very threatening letters to me. I have my regular bills too piling up. I will have to close out my checking account soon. Liens are heading my way.  My insurance company is calling me now. They paid the car off and now they want their money and they want their money now. I told them who to call, good luck to ya mister with that one. What it boils down too, I got hit by a drunk driver and the Arkansas State Police covered it, end of story. Favor for a favor and my book did not help none what so ever. I am the victim here and I am getting punished to the max. Why? The ones that covered up this wreck are being protected. When the statue of limitation runs out the ones that covered up the wreck it will still be there and they will still get in trouble regardless. What they need to do is own up too it and face the consequences' right now like a grown adult. They can not get out of the pictures and the very false police report. Cut a check to make my life whole again and so I can start my civil case it's NOT that hard to do. This will be a high profile case and I will become a household name because people will want to keep up with this cluster fuck for sure. I have been told this first hand. You have the leverage Tina and you can blow a lot of shit out of the water. You can do some damage girl they know it. They are scared of you.


My mother, my ONLY supporter through all of this that is about to go bankrupt because of the wreck which was NOT my fault. I have no car, no job, no money. What has my mom done to deserve this? Not one fucking thing. She is 71 and she doesn't deserve this at all. She's a breast cancer survivor going on 19 years. You know what? It really motherfucking pisses me off to think about it. My mom is suffering from this wreck and my kids too. I am suffering the most because my life is paralyzed I can't do nothing. I don't have the means to do anything. I am moving out of state to give her relief. I have no where to go and I have a real good friend that will help me out. I am going to be along ways from home. My kids are grown and their dad can step up. However if my mom's health fails over this wreck. What I have done on the internet SO FAR ain't nothing compared to what I am about to do they better be scared of me then. I have nowhere to go in Arkansas and where I am going is peaceful. I need that right now in my life. My nerves are shot to fucking hell. I will protect my mom bottom line and I will remove myself to give her relief. I will NOT live with anyone that is negative in the state of Arkansas. I know where this will be going. The answer is no with that place. Something happens to my mom, Arkansas State Police and Conway County, Arkansas better watch out. I will move out of state to make it easier on my mom and give her a break. We hate everyone at this present time anyways because nothing is being done about this wreck. So I'm going to hand it off to the media and press since we can't get shit done in Arkansas.

The Dr. Phil Show
I have been wanting to get on the that show since 2010 when I started my testimony. I knew that was going to be hard to do. He said she said, kinda hard to pull off you know. Now since my wreck has happened. I have a real good shot to get on the show. Dr. Phil and his staff will be in shock when they look at my police report and my pictures. I know in my heart and soul, Dr. Phil can get me the kind of help I need. I have always knew that from the word get go when I started this mission in 2010. Now I have proof of what I was talking about in my book. I have been defeated for many years now and I will have a chance to tell my side of the story for once and I and I have a tale to tell of pure honesty and hardship. I don't have any problems to tell it front of millions of people either. God wants me to do this and I will do it for him.

The Activist

I am against police corruption and police brutality, I want to educate people how bad the corruption can get and it can get bad to a certain standpoint. I have reached out to the media and press over this and I know it will NOT happen over night but I know I will get somewhere with it soon I know I will. The story I have to tell is an all time American Nightmare. I have been in the depths of hell for a long time now. However, I am feisty, non-compliant and strong-willed and strong-minded woman from the south. I have what it takes to get where I need to go. I know I have a bright light or aura around me and that pulls me into different directions where I need to go at the right time and the right place. My journey in life has been a difficult one needless to say. I know these rotten bastards are breaking me down but they will never get the best of me while I fight my way through this via social media. When I place my evidence into the right hands. The media and the press will shred this story. Once I make my way to national television, my truth and my eyes will not lie. I will be full of emotions but the world should see what these assholes have done to me.

Bat-shit CRAZY!

I am NOT bat-shit crazy. Bat-shit crazy people can't maintain in the real world and social media like I do. I am very intelligent woman. I don't take any shit that's all. I fight for what is right! In the south I am known for being a loud mouth bitch because I speak my mind. So be it! I know that it is very ILLEGAL to leave OFF alcohol on the police report and my pictures that's all you seen and it was a war zone too. Police report looks like a fender bender, my pictures I have a war-zone and a half. I am surprised there were NO deaths involved in this a true blessing from God. However leaving the alcohol off the police report is a NO-NO can't do that! People were stepping over alcohol, I was told that was all you could smell was alcohol nothing but alcohol. So I am NOT bat-shit crazy. I know one thing my mom, is so livid at everybody right now. I have to step into the public eye and reach out for help because you can't get any in Arkansas. How low is that, the wreck was NOT your fault. Can't get help in Arkansas, you got to reach out for help on a national level. Scum of the earth pretty much with this case. I agree with her. I am just standing up for myself. Welcome to Arkansas. Ignorance is bliss. Enjoy your stay. Because I have bigger balls than Conway County Arkansas and Arkansas State Police well boo fucking hoo I am labeled bat-shit crazy. I'm tired of this situation for realz. Freedom of speech baby freedom of speech!


My mom's car is her car not mine. Medical appointments was okay. Work was okay for about 2 or 3 weeks. That's all, she needed her car and I couldn't work around her schedule. She told me her car wasn't going back and forth to Little Rock. She paid the car payment and that was not going to happen. That car has got to last until she dies she can't afford another one. I put in my 2 weeks notice because I could not get to work so that is that. I have my 2 weeks notice too filed. For the people that are running their mouths around here. If I don't like my settlement I have rights if I like it or I don't. Arkansas State Police and Conway County, Arkansas will be drug through court twice personal and Civil if I don't like what I hear. I WILL air out the dirty laundry like a boss. I have been beat into the ground and it's only fair to air out the dirty laundry in the public eye. I am going to win BOTH cases hands down. Remember that. You can't put a price tag on my pain and suffering now. People should think before running their mouths. Reread my blogs!!!

Arkansas State Police and Conway County

Let me state some things, I have not had one problem with the Arkansas State Police until 2015. I had a cop to follow me home from Menifee/Conway he was parked under the bridge and he got behind me and followed me home. I was 35 minutes from home then he parked in front of my house and I took a picture and text it to a BAMF Special Agent with the police the department. Then I had my wreck and look what happened. I got hit by a drunk driver and the ASP covered it up. So now the Arkansas State Police is on my shit-list and good luck getting off it.

Conway County Arkansas I have had problems with those fucktards since 2004 no need to say anymore.

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