October 29, 2015

I don't like people BLOWING smoke up my ass... tbh....

Night and Day

June 2015, Tina you have the leverage now. A picture is worth a 1000 words that was told to me. The ball is in my court. I got this. You are gonna win big.

October 2015, I have NO leverage and I am shit out of luck. Nothing I can do. There's NOT one judge that will favor for me in the state of Arkansas.

Then I knew it was a pay off from the bottom to the top of the system. Now that is corruption at it's finest. That was night and day difference within a few months.

Blowing smoke up my ass......

The alcohol should have been added to the police report end of story. This was a BIG time pay off. Oh, I was told the beer cans were empty that was told to me, prove it, if they were empty. It should have been put on the police report if they were empty, right? It's against the law NOT to put the alcohol on there.

The police

The police can put whatever on the police report it's legal to falsify it. If they see alcohol, they can add or NOT add it. Reckless driving they can add or NOT add it. Speeding in a school zone they can add it NOT add it. They can put 55 in a school zone too. Even though it's 25 or 35 speed limit. they are cops and they can do whatever they want too. To me I call it bullshit.
It's all bullshit.....

The break-up

I am so glad that happen because the trust was NOT there. I am relieved!!!! Not on my side at all. The Firm bankrupt me NOT help me. How sad and pathetic was that?  


I am going to have to file it. I have NO other choice but to file it. My life is RUINED and it was RUNIED over a cover-up. 7 months of NO car NO job NO money. I have to eat this because this wreck was NOT in my favor. My mom will have to file too. It's a bad situation to be in. This was NOT in my favor.

National Television

Yes, I will get there. It will take time but I will get there. My social media, I will continue that. I will get my story out there. I am hell bent over this now since my wreck and I was done wrong. I have a gut feeling I will get on national TV. I have a story to tell and it's an unbelievable one too. No one will believe this crap.

The cover-up

One word for that KARMA trust me it will happen. My wreck was covered up from the day it happened to just a few days ago.

The Lawyer

It's going to take a special lawyer to do this. I have a gut feeling it can be done without a doubt in my mind. It is going to take a special lawyer though. I just got to be patient wait for my turn. That lawyer is out there. I just know it.

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