January 1, 2012

Writing People Off =(

Writing people off and out of your life maybe that’s the best thing a person can do. Well, for my part anyways I think so. When a person gets mentally bashed into the ground on a daily basis, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out. Get up and get out of a poisonous relationship as soon as possible.  Being mentally broken can cause all kinds of emotional dwellings to the soul. It makes a person just want to run so far away and never come back. I hate to be on a mental roller coaster, it’s not fun at all, and it is a sad thing to live with. As far as my part goes, I am tired of the mental abuse and bullying. When you address the matter, you are the craziest person on earth. Because the other person doesn’t want to see it that way, it’s either their way or no way. I had to remove myself out of a very poisonous relationship and it was among my family very close kin. When I go visit this person, and I wind up crying or distraught by the end of the visit something is very wrong with that picture, it’s very clear to see. The person that is causing the mental distortion knows what is going on and has a smirk on his face. That is sick and twisted, end of story. Something is mentally wrong right there. I had to deal with this sh*t all my life and I refuse to put up with it any longer. My life is pure hell as it is and add more mental bashing and mind games to it. It’s no wonder that I haven’t went off the deep end. I put up with a lot of crap! I am sick and tired of being mentally abused. I will no longer put up with it, hell to the NO! I don’t give a damn who you are! I know most of it is coming from my blogs. Yes, I am very blunt and tell it like it is. I am not stopping being me on that part. I know him and the Good Ole Boy System gets along real good. That’s no secret, I know better. I know what’s up. Yeah better keep her quite. What mental bash me into the ground? This is America baby, ‘Freedom of Speech’ the South you gotta love the South. I am dealing with people that feel like women should keep their mouth shut and stand back behind the man.The mental bashing and mental abuse along with bullying is going right out the door in 2012 I shall no longer put up with that crap. No sir re Bob, I will not. I will be glad when I can remove myself from the South straight to the East Coast baby! That’s what is up; right there is the truth nothing but the truth.

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