January 21, 2012


The Raw Truth is such a touchy subject I do have to say. However I am going to jot down my thoughts on how I feel about some stuff that is going on in my life. This is about Uncle Sam; I hope my tax situation is better this year. I have a feeling that it is but I want to throw some stuff out there though. Since the meth heads stay on my sites and all. They will get a good dose of the Raw Truth with this blog I do believe. You know as a single mother with two kids is tough and when my kids approached High School it’s been costing out the ass. On the other hand, when you pay for a $500 Class Ring my daughter’s to be exact, $300 on a homecoming dress all the accessories for my daughter in 2010 and then my Son’s homecoming this year to walk one of the girls in his class, oh about $300.00 on that. Prom 2012 in a few months OH about $400.00 on that! That doesn’t even cut it with their academics 100’s of dollars on Beta & ACT etc. The money I am spending with NO help from their father is tough. I should NOT have to ask, he should say, Tina you need my help let me know. That is why I drive a car that has 155,000 miles on it. The day I get it in and it will not start that will be the day I will get a new motor. I could not get a new car if I wanted too, OH wait a minute, both of my ex-husbands destroyed my credit, my bad. Hey at least he can drive a 2011, cause he don’t have to worry about paying for this stuff, just sayin’ I don’t have any problems busting out the Raw Truth none what-so-ever! My daughter and my son are very intelligent their grades are off the charts, thank goodness. Who pays for all of this? Me and their Grandma (my mom) without my mom, I would be up a creek without a paddle. I am very thankful for my mom. Every day that my feet hit the floor, I am giving thanks to my mama!!!! My mom can state this as well as I can. Without she and I, the kids would be sh*t out of luck, trust me. If this isn’t poverty at its finest I don’t know what is, this is the South kind of living, darling. I am the one that goes to school functions. I have proof.  Since the Good Ole Boy System, makes everything disappear, I still have my proof though. This county I live in the corruption just makes me sick at my stomach. I should be able to claim on both kids. Since mom and I spit out hundreds of dollars. I am the one with the poverty income level BTW. Things are so twisted in this county and I can’t get any help at all. So therefore I will put my story on the net and its getting attention that is for sure, it needs attention that’s no joke. Everything that goes on in this county it’s like throwing a blanket on it with that snug tight feeling, if you know what I mean, I deal with some real major bullsh*t it’s like a freaking nightmare. I tell you right now, my second ex-husband better NEVER ever cross my path. I blame him on just about all of this to tell you the truth and his Good Ole Boys. They all can kiss my ass. May Karma zap my second ex to the ground! I have my fingers cross very tightly for that. Through all this I am trying to stay positive and may some kind of justice settle soon. I have been waiting for a long time. I am not going to blog a lie that is one thing I will not do. I will beam myself out of this nightmare. Just sit back and watch. I am very strong willed, very driven and I have confidence that counts when you live at the Ass End of the World, Arkansas. Trust me I know all about it. So, I will continue to blog and lay down the truth nothing but the truth.

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