June 1, 2016

I'm dealing with despicable gutless cowards, true story

You know what really pisses me off, I have almost 30 plus pictures and some witnesses and neither one can't be used in the courts of Arkansas because they are protecting those punk ass kids and their scholarships. This wreck was NOT my fault at all I'M THE VICTIM. Some punk ass kid decided to run an intersection without stopping at the stop sign doing about 60 to 80 miles an hour. Hit my car ripped the front end off, I was on the main highway and had the right of way. Alcohol scattered all over the highway and the smell was strong and I was told that the boys had been drinking all day some said they have been smoking pot too. NO, sobriety tests were done. If they were done it would have been on the police report, end of story. Then these 2 Arkansas state troopers covered up my wreck and made the alcohol disappear. They made this wreck minor because of the boys and their dumb ass scholarships. The 2 troopers got paid very well for covering the wreck up and got promoted to bigger better jobs too. They covered up my medical and made my bills high on purpose simply to destroy my life. Then I hired this joke of a law firm and they were protecting the boys and their scholarships and backing the Arkansas state police and Conway County Arkansas up NOT ME their client. This law firm are despicable gutless cowards egotistical maniac liars and these 3 lawyers should be disbarred immediately. I know for sure the head honcho of the law firm should be disbarred, he's a crook and a liar, lied straight to my face and straight up lie on his commercials too. The head honcho of the Arkansas state police fired, because he knew that this wreck it was covered up for  the protection of the boys and all,  a favor for a favor bullshit. The sheriff of Conway County Arkansas fired because he was the one that actually started this cover up by favors for the boys and their scholarships and the book I wrote for REVENGE, made the alcohol, speeding in a school zone and reckless driving disappear from the police report. All the people that were involved in this cover up, that made my mom and me, our lives a living hell, expose those scumbags on TV please and thank you,  show those dirty rotten rats what they have done to me and my mother. Starved us out and kicked us out at a time of need. Made us move we were struggling like a motherfucker as it is. What is most sickening, I have proof that they lied on the police report, they covered up the wreck and I can't use my concrete evidence in the court room that's police and political corruption at its finest. While mom and I suffer tremendously for it. There's a special place in hell for these people. The family involved that took part to have the alcohol removed off the police report better never ever talk to me or my mother again not in this lifetime. Yes, I am causing hell on social media and I am sending everything I know off to different ones because I know a lot. Mom and I have been living in a nightmare for 15 months. I should have gotten my settlement last June if my wreck was done right buuuuuut it wasn't they put me and my mother through hell instead. Destroyed my life, my credit my future because of the book I wrote. Now it's my time to destroy their lives and bring the organized crime ring down. Hey, it's only fair to do so.  This law firm is joke and their commercials gotta go. You can't do your job right and protect the client. The law firm doesn't need to be in business. Many many many people agree with me there the law firm should be exposed to save another life from being destroyed to no end. Maybe just maybe I'm Karma to this particular organized crime ring the fire within me will burn this motherfucker down without blinking an eye.

I was told that just about all the personal injury lawyers in the state of Arkansas got an email or call about my wreck. Like a heads up from the law firm that I hired to represent ME but they dropped me instead last of October 2015, they did NOT add the ALCOHOL nor the speeding in a school zone and reckless driving to the police report like they told me June 3, 2015 at the meeting,  Ms Graves those factors will be added because of the evidence that I have (the pictures) they straight up lied to me in my face. This particular law firm DID NOT protect me they protected the boys and their scholarships. This is mind blowing. It was about the witnesses and the pictures can't be brought into court at all, they put a stop to it. This particular law firm looked into my eyes and said NOT one judge will favor for me nor the pictures/witnesses in the state of Arkansas. They told one judge or paid him or her off and all the judges knew that the pictures/witnesses it couldn't go into court. This is crazy and that's where the disability comes in aka crazy check. She's crazy she doesn't know what she's talking about, I clearly have some of the pictures on my Twitter account just for this statement, I'm NOT crazy. There wasn't alcohol, this was a minor wreck and so on, she doesn't know what she's talking about just silence her with meds. The crazy card is a noose around the neck it's all about control, end of story. Puppet. My evidence goes into court everyone that was involved covering my wreck up will be exposed that includes the law firm too.

You know what is more scary, this particular law firm made a new commercial and stressed their logo. They drowned me in my storm they didn't see me through it. They buried me alive and my mother alive too. This law firm shut my voice down in the state of Arkansas. They are luring people in as I type this like they lured me in by a commercial. The whole state of Arkansas should know about this law firm immediately this is serious and it shouldn't be swept under the rug like it didn't happened. This is an organized crime ring at its finest. These lawyers that worked my wreck are shysters, liars and crooks they prey on people and go in for the kill if it consists of favors for other people. That's extremely scary to think about. Let me add this, the law firm are taking a pay off somewhere right this moment to keep major factors off the police report, I learnt the hard way. They did not add anything to my police report and they told me to my face it will be added dropped me on October 28th DID NOT ADD a damn thing to the police report left it as is. They DID NOT help me at all. They buried me alive! This law firm should be called out immediately. They liars, shysters and crooks. This is NOT cool that a law firm can do this and get away with it. What pisses me off the most is the law firm. They straight up lied to me, my credit is completely ruined my life is completely ruined because of the Arkansas state police and Conway County AR they did it for them the law firm helped them NOT me, they were protecting the boys, protecting the scholarships and revenge on my book. The book that I wrote about corruption. This is serious very serious. This law firm isn't a good law firm they are a bad apple should be exposed immediately. The head honcho is a complete liar complete shyster. This is scary because the Arkansas people are in danger if they hire them to represent them. Underhanded work at its finest with this particular law firm.

Let's talk about my phone. My phone is NOT tapped once it's tapped twice. It's tapped by 2 sets of different people like the Arkansas state police and the law firm to be honest they have it tapped, I could see that. However they can't tap a phone without a approval. So therefore the codes are changing constantly so they can't get caught. They can't open texts because they will get caught, no codes changing constantly there it's about codes. In another words hacking. Also my speaker on my phone is tapped. So when my phone sits down beside me the conversations are heard as well. I bet they get an ear full from me and my mother we don't hold back we tell it like it is. I never ever talk on my phone anyways. Maybe 10 or 20 minutes a month. This has gotten ridiculous. I need to make a call for my student loans. I refuse to call them because of this I am being truthful. If I get my phone tapped by someone outside of Arkansas trying to figure this nonsense out. My battery life drains as it is and gets hot it has been doing this for a long time now. I could get a new phone and have an hour battery life still if a 3rd party steps in my phone will die completely and get hot immediately, I will not have a battery life. This is the Twilight Zone that I'm living through and the worse nightmare of my life. All because the pictures and witnesses can't be brought into court that means (now I understand) the organized crime ring will go down. This is so crazy.

My mom bless her heart, I'm afraid I'll wake up one morning and find her dead because of the stress she and I have been living through going on 15 months trying to get outside help and being shut down by an organized crime ring. I'm surprised that I'm still living because of my headaches numbness and chest pain. My PTSD will take me out because I'm so traumatized by this situation the more I find out it will get worse. I have proof that the Arkansas State Police are lying, Conway County AR are lying and the law firm are lying too. This organized crime ring should go down (one of the biggest) as I was told in Arkansas. Mom and I have suffered tremendously over this knowing family was involved makes us sick to our stomachs. Mom and I have been beat into the ground for no reason at all, I have proof to back my story up however these egotistical maniac liars despicable gutless cowards are shutting me down. To all that are involved in this cover up may you guys rot in fucking hell and may this organized crime ring get exposed to the fullest, because this is decades of abuse and control fucking people over for many many years covering this up and covering that up. Reap what you sow and may karma rip you to shreds. I hope mom and I live through this and see her destruction. Mom and I deserve the fullest justice that the law allows.

All I ever wanted was to move to New England for silence and solitude. Not much to ask for. I rather be alone not be bothered I rather live with peace and tranquility just live alone away from the chaos. I know my life span ain't long now I don't have long to live. I've lived under too much stress in Arkansas however I have a right to live in New England and be away from the egotistical maniac liars despicable gutless cowards of Arkansas. That's straight up real talk. I just want to be done with this good ole boy system bullshit from hell for good.


I need to say a few things to everyone involved in this corruption alcohol cover up. My story is a story straight from the depths of hell. What you corrupted, egotistical maniacs did to me is worse than revolting. You smashed me into the ground and runied my life. The TV adds from the law firm are nothing but lies upon lies, misleading and deceiving to the citizens of Arkansas. I know because I am one of them. I ended up getting my life destroyed by the states top brass and the local peons. You guys are disgusting.

I also want to say, to these despicable gutless cowards none of you are as important and upstanding as you think you are - people aren't as dumb as you play them to be. You let your larger than life egos get in the way of logic. People talk ya know, not everyone thinks as highly of you self absorbed fakes as you think of yourselves. Keep up the false pretense, keep on with the lies. I know who you are. Loads of people know who you are too. You're not fooling everyone trust me.

The law firm, Conway County AR sheriff's department and the Arkansas state police have each became a psychiatrist now and have diagnosed me as being crazy. Playing the crazy card is old school, worn out, history. Surely you can come up with something better than that. Every time I get a lawyer, a fast action with disability aka crazy check comes into play let's get that check going girl. The 1st time I let it roll off the 2nd lawyer I knew something was up. I will never draw disability in the state of Arkansas NEVER. The crazy check is another ploy by the despicable gutless cowards to hang over a person's head and control them. I am NOT crazy that is why I went on Twitter and tweeted the pictures obviously the YouTube channel wasn't cutting it anymore, I suppose. To be diagnosed crazy I have to see a psychiatrist be diagnosed by a Dr not by the despicable gutless cowards. I am 42 years old I've never seen a psychiatrist however I will be glad to sit down with Dr Phil tho and see what his thoughts are. The crazy card has got to go! Oh and the drug card too, I can take a drug test that goes back 10 years and pass it. Gotta love the southern mentality in the state of Arkansas. When you call out the despicable gutless cowards they lay down the crazy card and the drug card, that is so ancient I swear it is find something else okay.

Let's talk about the organized crime ring,

Let me tell you right now, I don't know why God put me in this path that blows me away. He put me in the path of the truck that day and he carried me through it for a reason. This is the test of all tests and he better send me all the strength he has too.

1) FBI in Arkansas, mom and I went there but we got shut down. The FBI agent couldn't make eye contact with us. He seen the pictures beforehand trust me I could tell. There's no telling how much the law firm paid him to keep his mouth shut. That's was an unusual day for mom and I at the FBI.

2) the law firm and the insurance companies. The law firm was keeping the the alcohol, speeding in a school zone, reckless driving off the police report at all cost for those stupid ass scholarships, oh and the boys records too. See the insurance companies doesn't want the alcohol on there either less pay out to the victim. Do you see why I am so mad about this cover up. This is a deep organized crime ring for sure. I'm sure the insurance company gave the lawyer or lawyers a kick back too keeping the alcohol off the police report so they don't have to pay out that much. See the law firm told me June 3rd 2015 I had leverage because of the pictures and the witnesses.  The alcohol, speeding in a school zone and reckless driving will be added to the police report  that was said via by the lawyer. However the law firm already sowed this deal up before the police report was typed up. They knew the alcohol, speeding in a school zone, and reckless driving couldn't go on the police report because the Arkansas state police and Conway County Arkansas gave them a kick back too. They decided to starve me out so I'll take whatever. Well the law firm can take that pay out and cram it up there asses to be honest I'm NOT signing off from this wreck until it's corrected. That's why I said the law firm got rich from underhanded bullshit NOT winning cases. See where I'm coming from. The law firm got paid by the insurance company, Arkansas State Police, Conway County Arkansas. Everyone got paid but me.

3) Conway County AR, Arkansas State Police, sheriff's department, judges, courthouse on down........ So many are involved in this alcohol cover up it doesn't make sense. The parents should STFU and think about the victim for once. Dang!!!

Parents crying to get the alcohol, speeding in a school zone and reckless driving off the police report because their sons would lose their scholarships immediately and they would have a bad record for a few years. Just so you know, not one boy got tickets nor citations that day NOT even one. This was a horrific wreck,  no tickets were issued nor a sobriety test either alcohol visible all over the highway and the smell could knock you down as I was told. The boys refused to go to the ER. I was told they were drinking and smoking pot all day long that's why they pulled that stunt that nearly killed me and all of us. The parents were having a fit so therefore help with the Arkansas state police to remove the alcohol and the other stuff and help from the Conway County sheriff's office to remove the alcohol and the other stuff. Me the victim got smashed into the ground because the boys had to be protected and the book I wrote. The book I wrote was about corruption imagine that. Double whammy baby.

Check this out
As the puzzle falls into place. The organized crime ring from the top to the bottom. This is mind blowing plus another anonymous tip too.

The FBI of Arkansas the law firm got a select few wrapped around their fingers like the one mom and I talked too. He lied like a dog couldn't make eye contact is a dead give away. I got all his information stored in a safe place. They are in on this organized crime ring don't let them fool ya.

Okay the law firm, they have their medical professionals in their hip pockets too. To cover up medical when needed like mine needed to be covered up to match the police report.  To stretch the truth out basically lie like dogs. The insurance companies, hell yeah there's a kickback there also, no alcohol, no speeding in a school zone, no reckless driving on the police report less to pay out for the insurance company it's there in plain sight easy to see. The lawyers get money from them too, don't let them fool ya. The insurance companies are involved in this alcohol cover up.

Arkansas state police, the 2 state troopers got paid for covering up the police report. Made it minor as possible like my medical had to be minor as possible. These 2 state troopers did not get fired they got promoted to better jobs after my wreck. Good job boys by the law firm's help because they are their attorney's you know. Someone from the Arkansas State Police department didn't want the alcohol added. Bam, it didn't get added. My life didn't matter at all that day. Let's smash Tina's life into the ground.
I'm the victim and I didn't matter all. I wrote about corruption look just what happened to me. Seals the deal 100% the book that I wrote was all about corruption at its finest.

Conway County AR, the judges, sheriff's department, the courthouse work hand in hand together. Distraught parents keeping the alcohol, speeding in a school zone, reckless driving off the police report at all costs. So they got their heads together to protect the scholarships. I have damaging evidence the pictures, the judges step up and makes sure my evidence does NOT go into the court room. My pictures and my witnesses will NOT enter the court room at all because of the law firm I hired. This is high amounts of political and police corruption. I AM THE VICTIM AND I TOTALLY GOT SMASHED INTO THE GROUND. Okay where did my civil rights go, oh, they smashed them as well. They stopped my voice from being heard in Arkansas. This is an organized crime ring 100% corruption. My rights were violated and ripped to shreds. This is NOT right at all. I will expose these bastards at all cost.

How many are they doing that to right now? How many are getting cheated and  screwed over with their settlements while the law firm on down the corruption ring, are taking pay offs to keep stuff out of the court room? This is very serious and something should be done about it.

My medical, since they covered up my wreck. Don't be ignorant they covered up my medical to match my police report, they had to make it minor. To this day June 1st  2016. I suffer on the daily. I suffer from headaches, numbness and chest pain. My PTSD is in full force. I suffer tremendously. I refuse to seek medical help in Arkansas because of this cover up. This law firm is powerful in Arkansas. When trying to get a lawyer first thing is disability aka crazy check so they can hold that noose around my neck for a lesser pay out when the shit hits the fan. That's stressful enough. I have almost 19 grand in medical and I will NOT pay it until I'm rechecked. Do you see my point now, they have a powerful hold on me while I hurt on the daily. They are trying to keep these pictures out of court.  I'm in the ultimate choke hold. By egotistical maniacs that are trying to keep a wreck covered up and so the boys will not get touched. I'm in a major crisis that consists of an organized crime ring. The untouchables think they are untouchable by everyone that includes the headquarters in Washington DC too. They can't touch us or bring us down. I suffer with untreated medical issues however I will NOT see a medical professional in Arkansas, end of story it will get covered up too. This is a battle with me and the egotistical maniacs. Something is going on with my head my headaches are getting worse by the day now. Someone should walk in my shoes from the headquarters in Washington DC they will think differently after they do. However I'm not backing down from this corruption they will correct the wreck and recheck my medical either on the east coast or west not in the south. This battle is hard on me and my mother she's 71 years old. My kids suffer from this cover up too. Wait til mom and I sit down with someone their jaws will drop to the floor with this unbelievable story of organized crime. We have a lot to share with someone if the powerful people in Arkansas that are trying to keep me from them to tell our side of the story for once.


Let's talk about Conway County Arkansas shignagians this will blow your mind.

They screw over their own employees like within the Conway County sheriff's department they are taking away holiday pay and such people rely on that money for their families geez. It's ridiculous,  what else is going on? They do cover up murders trust me I know. It's just one big freaking cover up in Conway County Arkansas and it goes back to the 50's dear God something should be done about this before it gets extremely worse. Out with the old in with the new. NEW BLOOD should be brought in the younger generation should phase out the corruption and let growth begin in Conway County Arkansas for once. The 50's bullshit has got to go.

Here I am in Arkansas fighting for my rights and fighting to be heard and these despicable gutless cowards especially the law firm trying to stop my voice from being heard. When I look at their commercials all I see are egotistical maniac liars lying to the citizens of Arkansas end of story.

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