April 14, 2015

My Godforsaken Life

Let's stroll down memory lane. I opened this blog on October of 2010 (Blogspot) however I started this crusade, September 17th 2010. I had enough of the bullshit in Conway County,  Arkansas. I moved back in May of 2010, my nerves got the best of me by September. I couldn't get any help from anywhere. These motherfuckers were running me absolutely bat-shit CRAZY. The thugs and the crooked cops, I couldn't take it any longer. I made my way to an open diary to the public because I straight up didn't give a fuck at that point in time, it was documentation at its finest. Dealing with Slandering, Stalking and Bullying right along with sexual assault at one time. My cup had runneth over. I've had a tough time, hard road to hold in life from this. This good ole boy bullshit just disgust me to no end. Makes me want to vomit to be honest. I took a mental beating from these idiots for many, many years and it's 2015 needless to say. I done enough blogs on that subject it's all in the archives.

Strolling along, I had to write people off in my life from here and there. One of them happened to be my father. All the crap I was taking from the punk ass bitches and him took a toll on me. However I have dealt with this all my life, well 37 years I did, that was the age I walked away from it. I put it in the fuck it bucket and moved on. I had a lot to tell me I was a cold hearted bitch removing blood from my life. The way I viewed it, I have dealt with bullying all my motherfucking life. I got my belly full no more for me I told myself. I don't give a shit about blood ties. When a parent makes their child cry or make them upset because they get satisfaction from it. Well, they can go straight to hell for all I care. When you see a smirk on their face because it makes them happy to see you upset. I am the type of person to put my middle finger in the air and say see ya in hell motherfucka while I walk away. Tina doesn't have time for that nonsense. I was getting too old for that shit anyways.

Let's keep on strolling, it was brought to my attention to write a book. I was like I can do that but the ending would be a nightmare to write because I'm a blogger not an author. My ending is still on going. I don't have an ending. So I sat down and wrote a book and I was amazed at myself over the ending which by the way, was an awesome fictional way out. My fear was publishing it and getting screwed over. I researched and researched I thought I found a good company so I thought. I spent $1500 to publish my book and I made about $250 with a quarter of a million followers. Yup, I got screwed over, scammed and fucked in the ass all the same time. My book sold out twice. I did a blog on it and it's a must read too.  It's the beginning of the launch where you make your money at, the big lump sum that I did not see at all, they did I did not. Then it's hit or miss later on as the time goes on its all about the beginning that's where the money lies at. Outskirts Press can suck my ever loving dick. I hope karma gets them and hope she fucks them in the ass for a change. They have screwed over many, many authors it's a damn shame too.

Still Strolling, the hardships and adversities that's all I have ever seen in my life, that's all I know. I try and try still get shit thrown in my face no matter what I do its not good enough. I work my ass off,  burning the candle at both ends. One thing about me, I am street smart and street tough. I had to be, no one I mean no one can bullshit me. I will call their ass out. I loathe fake motherfuckers. I don't have room in my life for fake people hell no I don't. Be real with me or leave me the fuck alone. That's how I feel about it. No matter what, I will give my shirt off my back if someone really needs it. I'm that person. Life hates me maybe it's because I stand stern and take no shit off of anyone who knows but I will never change who I am though. I will have that fuck'em feed them fish heads attitude until the day I die.

My stroll almost ended, on March 24, 2015. I am about to get real and raw about this shit. FYI, I know what was said about this wreck and this wreck was not my fault what so ever. It was about a week after I had my wreck. I got fed up. I didn't have insurance and I was having trouble getting help until I got a lawyer then it all changed for me. My back and neck hurt so bad. I got off to myself. I closed my door and I slide down it, I started to cry and my anxiety sky rocketed to the roof. I looked back on my life, 3 attempted suicides. 89, 93 and 2010. I have had several nervous breakdowns over the years. I got clean on my own with no help at all. My pregnancy brought me out of that hole thank God withdraws and all but I pulled thru it with a healthy baby girl. I have been thru a lot of shit in my life. Now in 2015 I'm tired and wore out. I'm sick of everything. Trying and not getting nowhere in life. I just hit my point couldn't go any further. Done so done. Stick a fork in me.

This is what I think, I wished I would have died in that wreck. I would have been better off and everybody around me would have been better off too, I live in misery. I'm sick of disappointments. I've blogged about it.  I'm not going to hide this fucking shit from anyone this is how I fucking feel it is what it is. Everything I do is a dead-end for me true story. Trying gets so old when you can't go anywhere with it, what's the point? Getting screwed over all the time that's all I expect that's fucking bullshit to live like that. My wreck would have been a way out. Death is a reward. No more sickness no more sorrow no more worries. You're free just free of life's chaos. I am not afraid to die. To me death is beautiful no more pain or suffering nor depression. Obviously life wants to torture me some more or I need to go to my calling. I know what it is, the FEDS should let me be and let me rock this shit out, the way it should be done. Who knows what will happen.

All I ever wanted was peace and tranquility. That's not much to ask for. I can't believe how this wreck played out the way it did, I am still here. My neck and back hurts so bad, hoping it will get better soon. I want to live in one of the New England States. I am so relaxed when I am out there. It's hard to describe however I think it's time for me to have peace in my life this suffering shit in the south has really got me down and out. If I had one wish,  I wish for a reset button in my life for peace and tranquility. I'm tired and worn down. The miracle I need is the miracle I wish for. I hope it comes true I really do.

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