September 1, 2012

From MySpace to BlogSpot 9-17-10 to 9-17-12

In 16 days it will be 2 years that I have been blogging about my occurrences. Man, I wish I could have had BlogSpot the whole time, now that would be an interesting read right there for sure. However, I am grateful for what I have, I could have nothing. I had a person to ask me a question and I had my answer waiting for them. I am going to get straight to the point. Writing a book (all about money) money money money money. I am glad I was asked in person about this, all I could do was laugh. Ummmm, I was born poor so it looks like at my age I will die poor. To be honest, IDGAF about the money, I am all about Dr Phil, hell and high-water I will get there. Talking to a lawyer, I know what I can or can’t do. I know I could never ever get to use the REAL names however I love my fictitious names, just saying. I am proud that I am using some of the real places though. This mountain is going to come to life once again I bet your sweet ass on that.

Yes, I have shut my social life down totally at least for a few months. I am that dedicated to this project. My Tina weekend was last of June it will be November or December before I can have another one. I will need it by then I can promise you that much. I am taking my time with the book I need too. Half of it will be going to an editor in a few days. I am so excited about that! I wanted this book to be published in January but I know that will not happen. It will be either February or March. I don’t know for sure which one yet. My second book will be at the end of the year around October or November. I have an awesome editor she was like a godsend for real. It’s like the man up above sent her to me. I believe that whole-heartily.

I have started to pray again and I was really having a hard time with some things in life and writing this book. I felt like I was going to die at any minute. As I started to pray it seems like everything was getting lifted off my chest, like my burdens was not suffocating me that much anymore. I know now, I am supposed to do this book; it was brought to my attention very clearly. I have 3 of them to do and it will most likely be early part of 2014 to launch the last book. These books are a killer to write but it is making me into a better person; in the long-run my testimonial will help others as well. I just know it will. I hate that I had to put it in a fiction level but I don’t need law suits. But I am coming to terms with it. One thing that is certain now, I pray every chance I get and it feels so great having someone there for me. People just don’t realize how alone I felt over the years. This is a very hard thing to do, but I am healing in the process needless to say. Until next time, my next blog will be done right after I get my book finished. That blog will be the blog of all blogs! I promise.

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