April 24, 2016

Weathering through this storm, I don't think so. Lies, lies, lies,

The law firm gotta love the law firm said no one ever.  The Arkansas State Police and Conway County Arkansas paid them really good to keep the ALCOHOL, speeding in a school zone, reckless driving off the police report all because of the stupid scholarships. I hired them to protect ME and they protected the boys and their precious scholarships cut my throat to the core and my mother's too. This falls back on the head honcho of the Arkansas State Police and the head honcho of Conway County AR. My insurance payout is $25,000 the law firm got 10 times more than that through underhanded bullshit a very big pay off (cash only) no paper trail type thing to make sure that the alcohol was NOT going to be placed on the police report. I'm NOT signing off from this wreck until it has been made right and the boys loses their scholarships, so be it, IDGAF. I got screwed over on my property check too. If ALCOHOL, speeding in a school zone and reckless driving was on the police report, I would have gotten a brand new car on the spot because this wreck was NOT my fault at all. I'm the victim NOT the boys nor their scholarships. When I found this out, I wanted to put my hands around that lawyer's throat and choke the life straight out of him. The one that said, I had leverage, then later on stated it was just empty beer cans. Talking about amazing just watch the life drift out of his body and send him straight to hell where he belongs. I have every right to feel this way too trust me I do. This law firm didn't get rich by winning cases not at all. This law firm got rich by underhanded bullshit and pay offs. This is real talk Arkansas. I've got the goods in my hands. The Arkansas State Police, Conway County Arkansas, the law firm can't do anything bad to me, because they can't explain this cluster fuck to me nor my mother there's NO way to explain this they got caught red handed in their OWN lies and deceit. How are they going to explain that? They can't! They dragged me and my mother into depths of hell right along by SOME of my family too because the boys couldn't lose their scholarships their freaking precious scholarships, give me a break. Corruption overload in Arkansas something should be done before body counts start to rise. I'm serious too. My anger and rage is topping the charts. Once again, I have every right to feel this way. I've been done wrong like I didn't exist in that wreck, I wasn't even there, I couldn't voice my opinion. Mom and I got shut down by the FBI of Arkansas thanks to that crooked law firm for that. This is serious and something should be done about it so it WILL NOT happen again. If something is wrong with me on the medical part because I wasn't properly treated right to begin with. If I have nerve damage that got untreated from this wreck. This will be bad on The Arkansas State Police, Conway County Arkansas, and the law firm. I will NOT play around with them either. I will lower the boom like no other. My life is precious NOT those stupid ass scholarships. I will make an example out of this case, I promise. This was also stated by the law firm as I was told. The law firm telling these people that covered this wreck up, "you do not worry about Tina. She can't do anything, we got this under control. We will stop her every move. The alcohol and other factors WILL NOT be placed on the police report. The boys WILL NOT lose their scholarships don't worry. We got Tina where she can't do anything about this wreck." the whole state of Arkansas should know about this law firm and their underhanded work. True Story!!!

I noticed in the newspaper this week, several people had been arrested/cited in Conway County Arkansas for driving while intoxicated, careless driving, speeding, failure to maintain control of a vehicle, etc.

I'm assuming that none of these people were of the 'elite and privileged'  group of people who insisted the alcohol NOT be mentioned on the police report after the Arkansas state troopers had worked my wreck.  Yes, I have witnesses, and yes, I have pictures of the alcohol to prove it. The Arkansas state police, Conway County sheriff's office, and yes, the law firm I had chosen to represent me, went along with the 'elite and privileged' corruption at it's finest in Conway County Arkansas!!!!!!!!

All I ever wanted was to move to New England. I found a wonderful spot in Connecticut not that far from NYC. I had a plan at first to move there but that fell through, I lost the love of my life. I've lost everything to be honest. When you get buried alive in full blown corruption like I have, you lose everything. It makes me sad and mad, I would love to throat punch these fuckers for ruining my life. I still want to move there though. I should be able to move and come back and visit mom and the kids when I want to, not much to ask for. I will be alone but that's life. I miss, the peace, the tranquility and the solitude. I found a place to live not exist like I am in Arkansas. The cold hearted bastards here stopped me in my tracks they make me sick to my stomach. I wish to live in Connecticut and I hope I can live there soon. Fingers crossed. If I don't go to jail from snapping. 3 hots one cot and dose of lethal injection could be my future. I'll take the lethal injection like a boss, when I get to hell, each and every one will have to deal with me on a daily basis I promise.

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