August 2, 2015

Victim's get the WORST punishment of all. True Story.

To me victims don't get treated fairly at all, the horror they have encountered and the horror they have to go through.

I have been defeated since 2004, one beat down after another. Continous cycle of tread beaten hell on one's soul. This county gets away with murder literally it does. Take my word for it. I'm telling the truth.

I am a woman and I take up for myself I stand up for myself. So therefore I've put myself in a position of being unruly and out of control deviant spawn from hell. In the south women shouldn't say a word. I'm like fuck that rule. I beat to a different drum and I stand up for myself. No one I mean no one will ever run over me. Not in this lifetime.

However this wreck, has broke me down. I so can't wait to get a civil lawyer and take my ass on the Dr Phil show. That's where it's at. I feel it deep down in my soul. My civil lawyer sitting right by me and let the discussion begin and the meltdown take place.

For someone driving to work, minding my own business my life went to hell over a wreck. I just want to know why cops can't do their jobs right in the first place. Parents, other influential cops, pay offs to make alcohol disappear. Here we are in the sign of times of cell phones. Pictures and videos are being taken constantly. What kind of dumbass move was that? Treat the wreck as a fender bender and it was a fucking war zone that happened and I was inches from death. Guess what? This accident was uncalled and shouldn't have happened in the first place. That's the God's honest truth.

See I've been dealing with PTSD for a long time now. I've have always kept it under control. However this wreck put it in a different realm. Knowing you were set up because the pictures and the police report doesn't add up because you see nothing but lies upon lies. I am one inch from snapping because all the bullshit that I have dealt with since 2004. It's turned me into a different person. I've had enough my patience is tapped out.

Well this will NOT be swept under the rug after I find the meanest God damn civil lawyer in the US,  I betcha. I want whoever covered this up parents, cops who the fuck ever. Now it's approaching August and this happened in March. I want to know who done this to me. I want their names and faces exposed into the media. I want people to know what I have been through the pain and suffering I have endured over these past 4 months. The agony the mental anguish the constant hell I live with every day. I want their asses fired from their jobs.  They didn't give a fuck about me when I had my wreck. I sure in the hell don't give a fuck about them when their lying asses get exposed.

No job, no money, and most of all no car going on for 4 months now. My car was 6 months old to the day when I had my wreck first new car in 10 years. Plus I can't work my mental anguish is on a very high level at the moment. I stay off to myself it's for the best trust me. I have to limit myself from other people. This round should  have been over by now but it's not because people can't do their jobs right tell the truth in the first place. The pain and suffering I'm going through there's no words for it. I need to get this civil suit going asap. I've put up with all I'm putting up with. I have kids to support too. Has anyone thought about that????

I'm not going to feel one bit sorry for these people that have made my life a living hell. Whatever they get they deserve it. Karma is such a bitch you know. My family and friends get threatened over this, well, there will be another lawsuit from hell. At this point in time on August 2nd 2015. I straight up don't give a fuck. I'm done stick a fork in me. Now I want justice and guess what? I am going to get justice for all the wrong doings that I have encountered I promise you that much. This bitch ain't backing down. Boom!

FYI-I don't take intimidation too well. To be honest it pisses me smooth the fuck off. I will chew you up and spit you out in heartbeat. I am the the wrong one to intimidate. My kids, my family and my friends don't never threaten them because you think this lawsuit is bad wait for the next one that's gonna be the bad one. I was not the one that covered the wreck up. I am NOT at fault here. I am the victim here. These bozos finally got caught. This has got to be the stupidest thing I've seen in my life. However this is going to teach a lesson which God has a plan for me and I know what to do. I bet cops will think twice next time. If anything happens to me, the FBI is in this county the second they find out. The FBI will be their worst nightmare not me. I didn't bring this on, covering it up with malice brought this on just sayin' this is not my fault stupidity is at fault here not doing their jobs right in the first place.

Someone brought something to my attention, they covered up my wreck what if they covered up my medical too or used someone else's or whatever. My anger issues are off the charts at the moment but this really pissed me the smooth the fuck off because I never thought about that. If they can do devilish things at the wreck scene yup they could do that. Whoever is involved in covering this up may they ALL go down in a blaze. May their names and faces be smeared all over the state of Arkansas on TV, in the papers may they suffer like I have. I WILL NOT feel one bit sorry for the low lives. Nope not me, they didn't give a flying fuck about me and all my give a fucks have flown away I have none to give. My civil lawyer will take care of the medical I betcha. I still get numb and I do have headaches. I did passed out at the wreck. I was in the ER like it was McDonald's. Dear God Dear Universe and Dear Spirit Guides and Karma please take whoever did this down pretty much straight down to hell. This is what you call a full blown scandal at its finest corruption all the way to the bone. When this comes out it will NOT be pretty it better favor for me in the highest degree.

UPDATE 8-19-15

I remember in 2004 I had to go to Denver for 2 weeks because I had a nervous breakdown thank God for my brother. I put that in my book as well. Then get emotionally physically mentally broken down in 2015. When is this nightmare gonna end damn it?

Going on 5 months still no car, no job, no money, no settlement to get my life whole again,  I came out to the east coast before I had another nervous breakdown but I still see no relief here either my mind races because I was done wrong. No one I mean no one wants to communicate with me. I need some kind of money to make my life whole again. I'm suffering and my mom and my kids are suffering too. As I gathered some information here I have learned a lot. I guess at the wreck scene was corruption because they left out the alcohol and a lot of other things, I suppose my medical has corruption on it as well (who knows) if they covered up one place they will do it again. Low and behold the firm I picked out looks like corruption there too. My mind is completely blown and confused over that and I don't trust them at all. Talking about the slaps in the face I'm getting. The pain and suffering is so unbearable sometimes I just wished I would have died in the wreck. I would have been so much better off rather living in this nightmare. I am stuck in corruption and scandal no one to help me. I know what I need to do. I got to take this to the media and go to the FBI building to seek help. My depression is getting worse. I'm trying to hold up but it's so hard to do. I just wish I can get on Dr Phil right now so I can get help for my depression and PTSD.  I just wish motherfuckers would have done their jobs right in the first place. I wouldn't have to deal with high amounts of pain and suffering like I'm dealing with right now. Some days I feel like giving up. The pictures there's no way in hell they can get around this none what so ever. Can't.....  The police report is a sham too. A cover up that went wrong.

I'm going to think like this, my settlement will be shit. No one will get fired over the cover up. I've been punished like a motherfucker by no means this was not my fault. What makes me think any differently now because I have lived straight through a nightmare. I have literally been drug through hell. I will prusue a civil lawyer because people like that covering up wrecks for a favor for a favor or revenge should not be allowed to work in the criminal justice system. Victim's get the worse punishment ever. It's all about the crooked people not the victims that's a damn shame too. I will not have any remorse on anyone when the civil takes place. No one had any kind of remorse for me. Fuck'em and feed them fish heads. I will think the worse until I get a better lawyer. A lawyer that will keep me updated not leave me in the dark all the time wonder what is going on and will it favor for me. I'm done stick a fork in me. I see this is being swept under the rug like it didn't happen all in my head bullshit. The wrath in me will appear and I will come out with furious vengeance of the ones that did me wrong. I have no intentions of backing down from this scandal and corruption someone is going to pay for the wrong doing of my pain and suffering that is a promise that I can keep. These people danced now it's time to pay the fiddler.

stop right there
The cluster fuck continues

Ok, I went to New England for 2 and a half weeks to stay with a friend and took care of business. He knows all about my situation and I showed him the mess I was in. He knew I was in a cluster fuck. Then I came back to Arkansas which I dreaded all away to my bones. So, I made my mind up to go to an agency for help.  As I got my folders out looking for papers and such horror I seen some were missing and my folder seemed lighter. Yes, these idiots have access in this house where I live at. It's complicated to explain but it can happen without a doubt. I took a deep breath. I wanted to scream to the top of my lungs to be honest. I told myself the firm has copies of everything, what was in my folder the firm had a copy that's what I kept telling myself. Then I got some bad news, which they weren't gonna tell me at first but they did. So much for my peace and tranquility solitude in New England that shit went right out the door. Oh, how I wanted to be back there so bad it hurt. I took another deep breath. Well, if the firm doesn't have copies of what I have already gave them numerous times. Then I know what's up. Why is my life so complicated with this wreck? Why is this cover up being tightly fitted like a blanket. I got the leverage no need for this the pictures and the police report doesn't match. This is nothing but full blown corruption and scandal. I hope the firm is on my side if they are on their side it's gonna be bad for them because I will not have any remorse what so ever. I'm praying to God they are for me. So, I am going to keep thinking everyone is corrupted at this point until I have been proven wrong. Even this agency I'm going to tomorrow. Mom and I. I'm going in there like they are corrupted, why would I think any different. What I have been through the nightmare I'm living my mom is living it and my kids too. I'm a hard person to live with here in Arkansas. I'm not a bundle of joy at all. My depression and PTSD is taking me down every day I live while I'm in Arkansas while I go thru this cluster fuck. See in my opinion I need my personal injury check to make my life whole again. My check should be so good and outstanding that I can tie up loose ends in Arkansas and start my life out in New England with no financial problems at tow. I found a house out there and I want to buy it. It was made back in 1960 a great fixer upper. I love the aura of the house it draws me in every time I go look online at it. I should have enough money to do what I need to do. I need peace tranquility solitude a safe haven house to live in while I pursue my civil case. I will travel back and forth for the civil case. I don't want no part of Arkansas what so ever. I'm done here trust me. However in my civil suit I want my medical redone because I don't trust anyone here now. They covered my wreck up why wouldn't they cover up my medical too. I found a civil lawyer in New England I hope and pray she gets it. She's a true bulldog and I need that right now in my life. I need to get on Dr Phil too. Yup, I'm going to bust this shit wide open. I will not feel sorry for anyone that has done me wrong. The civil lawyer should be able to help me out. Get me the help I need. I need some kind of relief this pain and suffering is about to kill me. Just remember my Blog is a timestamp of my thoughts and feelings if something happens to me this will be a great place to start for the true criminal justice system out there. By no means I am dumb, I am not paranoid, I am just watching my own back because no one else has it. I am a lot smarter what these motherfuckers give me credit for. I have been beaten to the ground and so has my mom. If this visit doesn't go well for me and my mom, we are going on to the National level to get help. We need relief and we need relief now not 6 years from now. The pictures and police report speaks for itself it's a done deal. When people look at the pictures and the report they are totally blown away from it their facial expressions are priceless. It's there for the eyes to see. I want answers and I will get them I will go to the highest extreme if I have too. Not backing down from this situation at all. I want the truth I want it now.

(=) (=) (=) (=) (=)
Dear God Dear Universe and Dear Spirit Guides please get me back to New England where I had peace tranquility and solitude. I felt alive and well out there. Thank you very much!

I am going to be adding to this blog. After yesterday I see that my wreck and my pictures are causing problems. Everyone is dancing around my wreck trying to keep it covered up. Now I'm in a position of being killed. I see that quite clearly. Whoever covered up my wreck is trying to keep it that way at all cost. Now I'm in prayers to get this out in the right hands. I need this to be on a national level. I am definitely a thorn in the sides of the ones that are trying to keep it cover up. I have copies of everything in so many different places if something happens to me. Now I hope I get through this. Treading on dangerous grounds is scary but I hope to live to tell the tale. If I do get killed the right ones got copies they know the lawyer to get. He handles death cases such as this. I'm in the kill zone now. I am being stopped in my tracks. Every place I go I am being stopped. I've been told by the higher ups this was not a criminal act I beg the differ. My Hooterville story trilogy tells the tale. I am in a big mess and they are trying to keep it covered up at all cost. I need a good lawyer a bulldog. This is a serious matter no one is taking it serious.

The phone call I got today, I will definitely get screwed over on the settlement. Man, alive this is bad. My wreck was covered up big time and it will stay covered up until I get a civil lawyer I see that quite clearly now. I got to find a bad ass motherfucker from hell. They are dancing around the cover up like it didn't happen. This is a bad mess to be in and I am the victim and I am getting severly punished at all cost. I will get screwed over on this round by God the next I will not get screwed over. Oh, it's OK for me to go to work. How the fuck am I suppose to get there?  Walk? I was NOT the one that was driving like a bat out of hell. I was not in possession of alcohol. The wreck was covered up by crooked cops. By a crooked system and still being covered up. I loathe these people with a passion. May karma strike down upon them. Here I am the victim that did not asked for this and they are still trying to cover this up. May they all go down in a blaze of hell fire. I hate Arkansas with a passion.

You know what? I'm going to take this shit to court. I'm going to air out all the dirty laundry. I am going to expose the corruption like a boss. I will have no shame in my game. These people will be taken to court twice. This case was not about me at all. It's about the state police and 5 heathen boys that was under age with alcohol in possession and being protected by the corrupted law system and as far as me I was left for death, no car, no job, no money trying to starve me out and make me back down from the pictures I think not hell to the no I'm going the distance with this bitch. That's ok every dog has its day. Karma is going to be a bitch. Hmmmmmmmmm criminal and civil court for these rotten ass bastards I swear to God the criminal justice system is for the criminals and leave the victims to burn at the stake. The victims had nothing to with it in the first place. Innocent bystander. It's a very sad world to live in. I will pursue it on the highest civil level possible I promise that much. Dirty rotten cops and the firm.


My life is paralyzed because I have NO car NO Job and NO money. I was told yesterday I can work, because the asshat doctor said so. I hate when that is brought up. How the fuck am I supposed to get there. Last as I recall the doctor said there's nothing wrong with me. I can work. Oh, it's all in my head too. As I look as those fucking pictures with alcohol everywhere. I guess that wasn't my wreck fucking fucktards. I swear. I can't believe they are dancing around the pictures trying to sweep it under the rug once again. Crooked cops and heathens got away with it for now. There's no telling what I will do but I will tweet my Blog like a boss. This case was not for me what so ever. It's time for karma to play her part.

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